Six Senses Belize is about to open its doors to visitors.

Six Senses Belize is about to open its doors to visitors.


Six Senses Belize is about to open its doors to visitors.

Belize is recognised for its warm and turquoise ocean, fantastic snorkelling and diving, and busy and lively culture, all of which are just a few hours away from the United States.

Guests and residents at Six Senses Belize will have an out-of-this-world experience, as the team has worked painstakingly to achieve the ideal blend of vibrant beach life and small-scale, private island serenity, allowing inhabitants to enjoy either or both at any time.

The resort and residences are split into two distinct regions.

On Ambergris Caye, Belize’s most popular tourist destination, a sun-drenched length of secluded beachfront offers an abundance of watersports, adventure, and crazy nights in equal measure.

Private island bliss awaits with isolated overwater villas, spa, and wellness amenities just a five-minute boat ride or swims away for the adventurous.

This means that guests can check into their desert island domicile after a short flight, enjoy a swim or massage in paradise and sundowners on the deck, and then get dressed to head over the ocean for a fun night out with family and friends all on the same day.

“Throughout, the focus has been on thoughtful landscape integration to link guests with nature and provide for greater solitude and coveted ‘desert island’ appeal,” said Neil Jacobs, Six Senses’ chief executive.

“We drew inspiration from local crafts and daily life in Belize, evoking the spirit and history of Mayan architecture and local heritage.

“Everything has been done to represent a new generation of travellers ready to create memories while also protecting the island for future generations.”

Six Senses Belize’s primary activity centre is Secret Beach.

This 18-acre (seven-hectare) section of the resort has a gorgeous stretch of private beachfront and is located on popular Ambergris Caye, just up the coast from busy San Pedro.

The Experience Center is the focal point of a diverse combination of daytime and nighttime attractions.

Organic gardens, a labyrinth, mushroom hut, cookery school, food market, and an adolescents’ club are all planned.

Nightlife, socialising, and Belizean culture abound at another outdoor pool, ice cream parlour, overwater restaurant, and Cinema Paradiso.

With a dive centre, Marine Discovery, and a variety of activities, Secret Beach will be the go-to spot for watersports.

There are 24 houses available for purchase on the beach, ranging in size from two to seven bedrooms.