New York City Shop the City Guide

Shop the City Guide: New York City, home to millions of trendsetters, creatives, and young entrepreneurs, is a location where fashion and style come to life every day. There’s a reason why New York maintains a particular place in the hearts of people who live there as well as those who visit.

And, with so many various areas to choose from, each with their own distinct charm, the city exudes a distinct energy that both inspires and is inspired by people from all over the world – an energy that keeps New York Men and Women establishing the trends.

When it comes to jewellery, the key to attracting a New Yorker’s attention, according to New York store managers, is flexibility. New Yorkers are always on the go, whether they are travelling locally or overseas, or moving from daytime meetings to evening drinks, and when they buy for jewellery, they want items that are easy to wear but also unique.

“As a New York City shop, I’ve handled both local and foreign clientele,” one store manager explained. “What New Yorkers enjoy is what they like.” So frequently in other parts of the country, women and men either want the same thing as their neighbours or are seeking for a piece to show off.

It’s hardly surprise that Roberto Coin’s adaptable designs have always struck a chord with New York customers, with a clear likeminded take on style and a creative approach to design. Roberto Coin has long had a unique link to New Yorkers, with its North American headquarters in New York City and a worldwide state of mind for inspiration.

In fact, Roberto Coin’s gold medallions, paperclip chain link necklaces, and zipper tassel necklaces, which are always unique in design, have been some of the most popular jewellery items for New York Women in the previous year.

“In New York City, there are so many different ladies, and the Roberto Coin brand provides something for every lady,” remarked one shop manager.Cannon, a stylist, stated that the current style of the NYC jewellery buyer is “very elegant, highly contemporary, and functional all at the same time.” This specific customer, he claims, is well-versed in current fashion, therefore she seeks a tailored, sumptuous, and sophisticated style.

“Think contemporary with a twist,” Cannon advised the New York shopper. “They also enjoy a bright fashion flair moment for evening and weekend dress.”

In the future, Cannon anticipates maximalism, layering, androgynous dressing, women wearing fitted suits and large jackets, and bright monochrome styles coming in this region.


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