How to Revamp Your Business Post-COVID-19

When the world came to a halt in March 2020, many people assumed it would be for only a few weeks or a month at most. Despite this, the epidemic is still very much alive and well 18 months later, and the globe has been irreversibly altered. Health and fitness professionals, like many others, were forced to pivot, restructure, and change the way they provided their services. Because the majority of coaching and exercise sessions were held in person, health coaches and exercise experts were compelled to come up with new and inventive ways to reach and retain their clients and participants.

Though online and on-demand fitness classes have gained in popularity in recent years, the survey demonstrated that this is not always an option. This post offers ideas for increasing your influence as a health coach or fitness expert and helping your business emerge stronger from COVID-19.

Emphasis on Accessibility

Fitness is now more widely available. A gym membership is no longer convenient or financially possible for many people. Monthly dues or personal training costs may no longer be affordable for many people, but paying for a few high-quality tailored workouts, group fitness classes, or coaching sessions with an exercise specialist or health coach may be a cost-effective step for many.

While some health and fitness experts work independently, others work for a gym or studio. Because a gym membership is no longer required to engage with a personal trainer or attend group fitness classes, providing online training, classes, or coaching is critical for gaining new customers and participants and retaining existing ones. Many gyms have reopened, and in-person offerings are once again available, but for a variety of reasons, some clients and participants are reluctant to return. Many people, on the other hand, desire to keep up with their exercise programme, appreciate having a workout tailored to them, and value the responsibility that an exercise professional or health coach gives.

Offering online training to both current and new clients is a wonderful idea (if you currently work for a gym, make sure you are aware of their online-programming policies). With the possibility of online instruction, your client base is no longer confined to gym or studio members or those in your immediate neighbourhood. Exercise specialists and health coaches can now work with customers from all around the world. Reach out to friends, relatives, and others who you may not have considered as potential clients in the past due to a lack of closeness.

Flexibility With a Hybrid Model

Although most gyms and studios have reopened, session cancellations continue to be a big concern for trainers and coaches. Personal fitness and health coaching appointments are frequently cancelled due to illness, a lack of childcare, travel, bad weather, or COVID-19 exposure.

To reduce cancellations, use a hybrid model that provides both in-person and online sessions to the same client. Clients can now check in from anywhere, eliminating the need to miss sessions when on vacation, travelling for work, or caring for a sick child at home. The hybrid model is especially appealing to clients who travel frequently, have time constraints or a lack of continuous childcare, or when severe weather prevents safe travel.

Offering both in-person and online sessions and lessons benefits both you and your clients since they can engage more consistently and, presumably, achieve better outcomes, while you can conduct more sessions and classes with a reduced cancellation rate.

Enhance Your Value

There are various workout professionals and health trainers to pick from in the health and fitness sector. What makes your clients want to work with you? As the market shifts and adapts to a new normal, now is an excellent opportunity to assess what you can offer your clients. Would your clients, for example, benefit from a monthly newsletter or email? Would a few simple and healthy family meals be appreciated by busy parents? Would your clients benefit from an accountability group that fosters a sense of community among healthy, like-minded people? Determine where your clients may be having difficulty and how you might be able to improve the service you now provide.

The health and fitness business has been transformed by COVID-19. Your business can continue to develop and thrive by increasing your reach with online training, emphasising flexibility with a hybrid model, and providing added value, and you can have a greater effect as a health and exercise practitioner.