Virgin Atlantic outlines a wider return to flying. The beauties of San Francisco, the magic of Orlando, and the exquisite Caribbean beaches are now closer than ever, according to Virgin Atlantic‘s announcement of the resumption of flights to more of its global locations.

This winter, the carrier will provide customers with a broader selection of sunny destinations to pick from.

Following an 18-month break, the popular Heathrow to San Francisco route, which includes the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Silicon Valley, will be the first to restart service on October 2nd.

Services from Heathrow to Orlando will return on a daily basis in November.

The route is currently the most booked throughout Virgin Atlantic’s global portfolio, indicating a pent-up desire for families and adrenaline seekers to experience the charm of Florida’s top destination.

Bookings to the United States increased by more than 600% last week, after American President Biden’s edict that fully vaccinated tourists from the United Kingdom will be able to enter the nation beginning in November.

Following a considerable surge in consumer demand for Caribbean travel, Virgin Atlantic is launching two new routes, with flights from London to St Vincent beginning on October 13th and flights to the Bahamas beginning on November 20th.

On December 18th, a new route between London and St Lucia will begin, providing clients with an eclectic mix of warm Caribbean destinations to select from.

Manchester Airport, the airline’s northern hub, will resume service to Islamabad on October 8th, with flights to Orlando and New York resuming in November.

Its renowned Atlanta route will be reinstated in December.

On December 5th, Virgin Atlantic will also commence its first international service from Edinburgh, with flights to Barbados giving Scotland’s only direct connection to the Caribbean.

“As global travel restrictions loosen and connecting passengers with loved ones and colleagues becomes a reality, we’re looking forward to welcome customers back on board and carrying them to a wider selection of our destinations,” said Juha Jarvinen, chief commercial officer of Virgin Atlantic.

“From the thrills and spills of Orlando to the stunning scenery of San Francisco and the inviting beaches of the Caribbean, to reconnecting friends and relatives between London, Manchester, and Pakistan, I’m delighted our customers can take advantage of our expanded route network, as we fly our customers safely once more.”