Uber has included additional safety measures, such as a panic button and ‘anomaly detection,’ which detects strange routes. The new technology will detect when an unexpected route is taken, when a trip ends in a location other than the indicated destination, or when a lengthy pause happens during a travel. The gadget will send a notification to both the rider and the driver via the app, asking if everything is well.

Both parties can advise Uber that they are fine, and the trip can proceed. In addition, a new Emergency Button will let the passenger or driver to call local emergency services. A member of Uber’s specialised safety team may also contact to check on everyone’s well-being.

The features are an extension of the RideCheck function, which was introduced in the United States in 2019 and is now available in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, and other countries. RideCheck detects rides with extended stops and displays Uber’s safety toolbox, which includes Uber assistance and emergency numbers.

Uber will trace every journey to ensure that you are safe during unusually extended stays.
According to a YouGov research commissioned by Uber, 72% of women in the UK feel safer when they use an app that allows them to share their trip information with friends and family. 70% feel safer when they are in a car whose whereabouts can be traced via an app.

“The safety of everyone who uses the Uber app is a major priority, which is why we have enhanced the safety features accessible,” said Bex Xiao, Uber UK’s head of community operations, in an email statement to Mashable.

In addition to the enhanced safety features, Uber has worked with Home Safe, a non-profit organisation that distributes free vouchers to Londoners who need assistance going home. Uber will give out 1,000 coupons worth £10 to everyone who calls the company.