Training during the holidays

During the holidays, you may get personal training. As health and fitness specialists, we understand the need of general consistency in an exercise and diet plan for success. Holidays may be stressful for both trainers and clients. This time of year is often rushed, hectic, stressful, and full of bad foods. As a trainer, your objective is to keep your clients on track and engaged despite the season’s numerous hurdles, while also maintaining your revenue during a normally sluggish time of year.

Here are a few easy ways to keep your clients interested and consistent during the Christmas season while still earning money.

Organize a Simple Holiday Challenge

It is not too late to put up a little Christmas challenge. Incentive schemes and challenges aren’t just for major gyms or worksite wellness programmes. Challenge your customers to complete a particular number of exercises, attempt a few healthy recipes, or go for a few additional walks throughout December or another designated term. Set up a simple point system in which they receive points for participating in healthy activities and double points for working out with you! Send them a weekly email with a few workouts they can do on their own, easy nutritious dishes to cook at home, and other helpful hints. Charge a little charge to hold them accountable and to pay you for the extra time spent. You might give away a basic gift such as a free session with you or a little basket of nutritious treats.

Offer a Personal Training Special for the months of December and January.

Though it may appear to be counterproductive to maintaining a consistent income, most customers automatically lower the number of times they train during these months. Give your clients a reason not to cancel sessions. Reduce the fee per session while mandating that all sessions be completed by January 15th or some fixed date. Clients forfeit the discounted sessions if the sessions are not completed. Having a deadline to complete sessions might help keep clients on track during this hectic period.

Provide Hybrid Training

You may have begun providing online training during the epidemic. Hybrid training, which combines online and in-person instruction, can reduce cancellations and help customers exercise more regularly. Sessions can still be held if your customer is travelling or if the weather is bad. You may also train while travelling using hybrid training. If you haven’t already provided this to your clientele, December and January are ideal months to do it.

Provide Written Workouts

If customers are unable to commit to personal training during this hectic period, offer to compose a few exercises for them to do on their own at a lesser rate than an in-person session. Clients could then fit these workouts into their schedules whenever they wanted. Video instructions might help clear up any misconceptions about the routines. Check in with them frequently to hold them accountable and to ensure you are ready to answer any workout-related queries. Request that they notify you whenever they have finished the workouts.

Create an Accountability Group.

You may form an accountability group by utilising social media or applications like Voxer, Slack, or What’s App to share exercises, ideas, and recipes and to encourage one another. Encourage communication by checking in once a week or so. Ask each customer what their weekly aim is. Share a picture of your meals or exercises at this hectic time of year. You could provide this for free to your current paying clients over the Christmas season, and if it is successful, you could make it into a modest subscription-based service for a small monthly price after the holidays.

Many people are busy throughout the Christmas season, but by using a few basic tactics, your clients may continue to make progress toward their goals.


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