Lycra seizes control of digital experiences with a new customer portal. Staying competitive in retail requires moving quickly and at lightning speed, which is why The Lycra Company’s latest venture, Lycra One Online, kick-starts its customers’ concepts by providing a newly minted digital presence rich in resources, community, and exclusive content to drive ideas from concept to launch.

The Lycra Company, known for its apparel and personal care solutions, has launched the Lycra One Online Network Exchange, a new online customer portal that allows brands, retailers, and garment makers to connect to a global network of mills on a single platform centred on the “science of comfort, fit, and performance,” according to the company.

Prior to the pandemic, “there was already a demand in the industry for a digital experience allowing brands and retailers to interact with mills and manufacturers in a virtual capacity without compromising the inherent advantages of an in-person connection,” according to the business. And its Lycra One platform allows customers to do exactly that by allowing them to seek fibre solutions using its digital fabric library, interact directly with mills to start or grow business partnerships, learn about new capabilities, and digitally read product catalogues.

The Lycra Firm’s chief executive officer, Julien Born, stated that the company “has a strong tradition of invention and we must embrace digital revolution.” The Lycra One portal harnesses our connectedness throughout the clothing and personal care value chains to provide a one-stop seamless solution for quickly moving our clients’ ideas from concept to launch.

Its platform includes a “knowledge centre,” where customers can access unique information such as webinars, white papers, and films on topics such as new fibre technologies, industry trends, marketing, and sustainability, among others.

“These tools assist users in leveraging the value of The Lycra Business and its unique solutions to offer goods that may fulfil the demands of their consumers and provide inspiration for new ideas,” the company added.

Customers may also use the web to find marketing and merchandising solutions, such as brand assets and clothing hang tags. Furthermore, the company stated that requests for trademark licence agreements and fibre certifications can be made in order to reinforce the quality of products supported by “the strength” of the Lycra brand.