The facial beautification procedure can help you look younger

A group of experts discovered that a facial beauty operation is known as Rhinoplasty, or cosmetic nose surgery, can make women look up to three years younger.
UCLA researchers conducted a study that was just published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal.
The researchers conducted the study by taking before and after images of 100 ladies ranging in age from 16 to 72.
All of the ladies involved in the study had cosmetic rhinoplasty performed by a UCLA surgeon and others.

“Rhinoplasty is highly acknowledged as a facial beautifying operation, but it isn’t widely known for its anti-aging properties,” said Dr. Robert Dorfman, the study’s lead author.
Rhinoplasty involves structurally changing bone and cartilage by small incisions inside the nose and, if necessary, around the nostrils while the patient is sedated.
“This technology allows us to estimate age objectively and has proved to discern patterns and aspects of aging beyond what the human eye can perceive,” he said.

The study’s findings were startling in women over the age of 40, with some looking seven years younger following rhinoplasty. However, because the sample size of the 40-plus group was limited (approximately 25 women), the researchers stated that more research is needed to corroborate the findings.
The study’s participants had a median age of 32.
According to the researchers, the nose is never used as a focal point to cure aging, yet it, like any other part of the body, ages. The nose is made up of soft tissue, bone, and cartilage.

“As we age, the nose loses support and might become more prominent or droopy,” said another researcher, Dr. Jason Roostaeian.
When the other parts of the face age, the nose suffers as well.
“When we lose facial fat and volume in our cheeks, which serve as the canvas for our nose,” said Roostaeian, “the nose becomes more apparent.”
“This is something we have subjectively thought about for many decades, but now we have objective evidence to support this through artificial intelligence,” he continued.
The experts went on to say that by correcting the nose, the entire face’s young appearance can be improved.