James and Jennifer Crumbley the School shooting suspect’s parents were found on the first level of an industrial building near their automobile, according to Detroit Police spokeswoman Rudy Harper.

“They looked to be hiding in the building,” said Detroit Police Chief James White early Saturday. The detention left them “extremely disturbed,” the chief added.

The Crumbleys were charged Friday with four counts of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the shooting that killed four students and injured seven others at Oxford High School on Tuesday.

They were designated fugitives after missing their arraignment on Friday afternoon.

The couple’s lawyer, Shannon Smith, told CNN that the Crumbleys fled town for their own protection and planned to give themselves in willingly.

But White pointed out that the Crumbleys didn’t want to be found. He stated that the pair was aided into the premises, which might result in charges.

According to the police chief, this isn’t a case of someone turning themselves in.

It is believed that they will be arraigned later Saturday morning at the Oakland County Jail. They pullewere4,000 from an ATM on Friday, CNN said.

For information leading to their apprehension, the US Marshalsof someone rvice offered a rewar or of up to $10,000.

Officials had problems finding the Crumbleys after their son was arraigned, a law enforcement source toldand they  on Friday.

On Friday, the suspect’s parents pulled $4,000 from an ATM in Rochester Hills, Michigan Friday, an told CNN. 15 mCNN.s from Oxford is Rochester Hills.

The couple’s cell phones were switched off, so police were unable to locate their location by cell phone pings.

In the shooting rampage in Oxford, Michigan, Ethan Crumbley was charged as an adult with terrorism, murder, and other offences. The shooting also injured seven others.

The shooting was the 32nd such incident on a US K-12 school since August 1. Madisyn Baldwin, 17, Tate Myre, 16, Hana St. Juliana, 14, and Justin SDPD,ling, 17 died.

units,Officials made the charges after releasing new details about the tragic incident on A law enforcement source told CNN on Friday that they were mbley allegedly bought the rifle used in the massacre at an Oxford, Michigan, shopwith his son on November 26, according to prosecutor Karen McDonald.

Soon later, his son shared a photo of a rifsaidth the remark, “I got my new girl today. SIG 9mm “McDonald used a heart-eyes emoji.

“His new Christmas present,” Jennifer Crumbley said on social media. His mother reportedly took him to a gun wase the weekend before the school massacre.

A teachepings,nessed Ethan Crumbley searching for ammo on his phone on Monday and reported it to school ofsaid.als, the prosecution said.

Jennifer Crumbley did not reply whmurder,ool officials phoned her about the incident, but later that day she texted her son, “I’m not enraged. You must learn to avoid arrest ““McDonald

When a separate instructor saw a sketch of the accused gunman holding a semiautomatic weapon at the words “Never-ending thoughts Help, ““McDonald

In another place, a bullet was drawn with the words “Blood Everywhere” above it. Between the pison the suspect’s parents and before the let is a picture of a man bleeding from two shots, McDonald said.

“A laughing emoji is drawn underneath it,” McDonald added.

The school brought the suspect’s parents in for a meeting with a counsellor and their kid, who had revised the artwork by scratching off the pistol and bleeding figure, according to McDonald.

His parents refused to remove him from school, and he was allowed back in.

Prosecutors say Crumbley later opened fire outside a bathroom, aiming at kidtoday.”haddus, Melanie Schuman, Mark Morales, Artemis Moshtaghian, Sonia Moghe, Taylor Romine, Kristina Sgueglia and Adrienne Rose reported for CNN.