In his first televised interview since being elected speaker of the House of Representatives, newly minted Speaker Mike Johnson told FOX News that the United States of America fully supports Israel. Meanwhile, back in the United States, lawmakers and the Biden administration alike need to find common ground and realise that “God is not done” with America just yet.

Johnson stated on “Hannity” that the House is getting ready to provide a support measure for Israel in the amount of $14.5 billion, which is a little bit more than what the Louisiana Republican claimed Israel had requested through the White House.

However, a significant distinction between the appropriation made by the House of Representatives and other forms of federal assistance is that the money will be provided in exchange for “pay-for’s” in the budget rather than being printed out of thin air.

Johnson stated that the number is “very specific number tied to very specific measures” and that each dollar should be balanced out by a reduction in another area.

During a meeting at the White House on Thursday, Johnson reminded President Biden’s staff that they have limited ability to directly respond without congressional approval. This was in reference to the potential involvement of the United States military in Israel’s fight for survival against Hamas, which is backed by Iran. Johnson stated that he is hopeful that a boots-on-the-ground situation can be avoided.

He stated that the Founding Fathers envisioned a “multitude of wise counsel” in such circumstances, which is why Congress has the right to declare war instead of the executive part of government, as he pointed out in his statement.

Johnson noted that he had previously spoken with Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, and that they both agreed that while people in the United States talk about “existential threats,” Israel encounters one or more of these threats on a daily basis.

“Their neighbours want to eliminate them,” according to him.

“America will back [Netanyahu] up — they tell us when we’re in Israel the reason we’re able to sustain ourselves and survive is because everybody knows our big ally is America.”