A civil fraud case is being brought against Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump’s father, and the Trump Organisation, and a court in New York ruled on Friday that Ivanka Trump must testify in the case. The verdict is a huge victory for New York Attorney General Letitia James, who is suing the Trumps for allegedly inflating and deflating the worth of their assets to secure loans and insurance coverage. James is suing the Trumps in connection with her lawsuit against the Trump Organisation.

Ivanka Trump’s status as a defendant in the action had been terminated at an earlier point, but James contended that she should still be considered a material witness due to the fact that she had served as an executive vice president of the Trump Organisation in the past. The judge concurred, reaching the conclusion that Ivanka Trump possesses “unique knowledge” of the business procedures utilised by the Trump Organisation.

It is possible that Ivanka Trump’s testimony will be the deciding factor in this case. She is one of the few persons who has direct knowledge of the financial dealings and decision-making process of the Trump Organisation. She has this knowledge because she worked for the Trump Organisation. Her testimony might provide James with the evidence she needs to establish her claims that the Trumps engaged in fraudulent activities.

The decision of the judge constitutes another major blow for the Trump family. They have denied any wrongdoing on multiple occasions and have accused James of conducting a witch hunt that is motivated by politics. Nevertheless, the judge’s decision gives the impression that he thinks James has a compelling argument against the Trumps.

In the month of November, Ivanka Trump is going to be testifying. It is yet unknown whether or not she will exercise her right under the Fifth Amendment to refuse to incriminate herself. Nevertheless, both the general public and the press will most likely be paying careful attention to her testimony.

at addition to Ivanka Trump testifying at the trial, her father as well as her two brothers, Donald Jr. and Eric, are anticipated to do so as well. It is anticipated that the study will go on for a number more weeks.