According to the New York Times, Stephen Colbert has made light of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Twitter ban by making a series of jokes about the situation.
After taking office in 2022, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s was forbidden from serving in the House of Representatives because of her criminal record. In breach of Twitter’s anti-misinformation policies, she was permanently prohibited from the social media network on Sunday for tweeting erroneous and misleading information about the COVID virus and immunizations, which was later removed. This is not a clerical error.

The fact that Stephen Colbert, the late-night comic who broadcasts The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, had to address the issue in his first monologue of the new year was not a surprise.

The audience erupted in applause as soon as the news was announced, and Colbert yelled, “That’s right, she’s outta here,” in reference to the woman who had been detained. It has been determined that if she wants to disseminate the information about Jewish space lasers, she will have to do so by Mormon carrier pigeons, as the author puts it.

The fact that he was able to make light of the situation wasn’t limited to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s self-inflicted L, though it certainly helped. Additionally, Colbert poked fun at Twitter itself, claiming that the social media platform’s five-strike policy for spreading false information looked to be too mild in comparison to the prior three-strike policy for spreading false information.

“Yes, five strikes,” he said once more (and it should be noted that he was quoting from the same website’s description of the occurrence as before). “Any time you are successful in misleading me even once, you will be subjected to my wrath. If you are able to fool me twice, you should feel embarrassed about your actions. How likely is it that you will be able to trick me three times in a short period of time? After that, you’ll only be eligible for two more pranks until you’re completely out of luck, so plan accordingly.”