Kartik Aaryan discusses Dhamaka, his winning streak.

Dhamaka is a suspenseful thriller that I fell in love with the moment I heard the tale. Aaryan, Kartik He isn’t quite king, but he is the young prince of B-town, strolling the hallways of grandeur. They’ve taken measurements for the crown on his head. He understands that when they measure the head, they also measure the neck, since this business is just as likely to hang you from the gallows when you’re down as it is to salute you when your sun is up. He assures you that the love of his followers is all he needs, and then he boasts about the very glittery automobile he imported. He’s lost amid his toys, racing an imagined race, like a youngster. However, the rush to celebrity is far from fictitious. You must keep sprinting ahead of the others, even if knives are plunged in your back. You have to lick your wounds while on the run, and you have to do it with a grin on your face. He’s aware of that as well. Your family is your only source of support. They are your mooring in a sea of shifting fortunes that change every Friday.

Kartik appreciates and recognises the importance of his family. In summary, he comes appear as a well-ordered, grounded personality, in contrast to his humorous internet character. He does, however, know how to play the social media game well. He’s about to enjoy the time of his life in Hollywood, and he’s now basking in the reflected light of Dhamaka’s admiration. Excerpts from a honest chat with the actor who understands how to make box office explosions the correct way.

The Dhamaka teaser revealed a totally new Kartik Aaryan, who is intense, mature, and in command.
(Laughs) Thank you for your kind words… That makes me pleased. You know, I’m receiving the same type of criticism for Dhamaka and my character Arjun Pathak from everywhere. I’m delighted Dhamaka has had that type of influence. I’d wanted to make a film like Dhamaka for a long time, and luckily, this chance presented itself during the lockdown. I was ecstatic the instant I heard the script. Such an outcome is to be anticipated when you have creative geniuses like Ram Madhvani, Ronnie Screwvala, and Punit (writer). They are stalwarts of modern storytelling.

How was things going for Dhamaka in the thick of the pandemic? You shot it in ten days…
Dhamaka, I believe, is the first picture to be completed in record speed, but if we don’t innovate now, when will we? All compliments to the staff and our director, Ram sir, who had meticulously arranged every detail. They had reserved a whole wing at a five-star hotel and built a bubble for the film. It was frantic, but we appreciated the experience. Ram sir used to employ a multi-camera system for filming. He used to shoot huge distances. I had to do a lot of my own preparation and knew the character like the back of my hand. I’m very thrilled we were able to complete it in record time.

It appears to be a difficult position. Describe your journey to become Arjun Pathak.
The part was serious, and I had to get into that mindset since I’m just a laid-back guy. Fortunately, the lockdown provided me ample time to prepare for the part and get into character. I was very much alone. I researched the character and his idiosyncrasies, watched documentaries, and researched journalists and their lifestyles, all of which aided in bringing Arjun Pathak to life. We used to have a lot of fun behind the camera, despite the fact that the film is tough.


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