Iman's First Fragrance Honors David Bowie

Iman’s debut fragrance, Love Memoir, is a tribute to her marriage to the late David Bowie. The smell is inspired by Bowie, as well as her globe travels and time spent sheltering in place in her upstate New York country home, and is based on the supermodel’s cherished memories from her almost three decades with the music legend.

“I absolutely made [the scent] for myself in the hopes of inspiring people to enjoy memories,” Iman explained. “I’m 66, so what was extremely evident to me is that towards the end of our days, the most essential and beloved item that we hang on to and will sustain us for the rest of our lives are the memories we’ve made with our loved ones.” [The scent] was truly a homage to my love – to my husband’s unending love and devotion.”

Iman pays tribute to David Bowie by including a woodsy vetiver in Love Memoir. The supermodel revealed that Bowie’s favourite fragrance was Tom Ford Noir Extreme, a woodsy fragrance, and that she had worn it every day since his death in 2016. She wanted to memorialise her late spouse by combining the aroma into her own fragrance, as well as adding components like bergamot, rose, French vanilla, and black currant from her trips in Italy.

“Bergamot was one of the smells that meant a lot to me since it reminded me of Italy,” she said. “Because we were getting married in Florence, we utilised a mix of bergamot, black currant, delicate flowers like rose, French vanilla, and, of course, vetiver.” Every note brings back memories and great experiences we had.”

Iman was also inspired by the sunsets she saw every day while sheltering in place in her upstate New York rural house earlier in the outbreak. She drew inspiration for the fragrance’s aroma profile from sunsets, as well as the amber tint of the container. For the scent bottle, which is oval in shape and has a hammered gold top. Iman also remembered a habit she began while hiding in situ.

“I started stacking stones to calm myself down this year when we were extremely stranded and distant from our loved ones,” she explained. “In certain societies, there is a practise of stacking stones, and it actually stems from the need to create monuments for individuals who have died away.”

While this is Iman’s debut fragrance, she has been a staple in the beauty business since 1994, when she established Iman Cosmetics, one of the first cosmetic products on the market designed specifically for individuals with darker complexion tones. In 2007, she also started Iman Global Chic, which sells apparel and accessories on HSN.

“It has been a genuine joy to accompany Iman on this personal journey as she brings to life a fragrance inspired by her own love storey,” said Bridget Love, QVC and HSN’s general merchandising manager and vice president of beauty. “Every component of this project is an honest expression of memories rooted in a profound love, from the exquisite packaging to the form of the bottle and seductive aromas.” As a long-standing HSN seller, we’re pleased to share Love Memoir not just with Iman’s current devoted client base, but also with new consumers who are inspired by her narrative of love and passion.”


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