EU and EEA foreigners have been temporarily barred from entering Sweden, which has now been extended. COVID-19 has disrupted travel throughout the world, and the situation remains hazy. You may have to change your plans at the last minute. Do your research and make educated judgments regarding your trip plans at this time. See the COVID-19 Traveler’s Guide for Australians.

Refer to the applicable travel advisory of adjacent countries for information on the country’s departure and entry, as well as necessary public health actions.

Except for citizens of EEA nations, Switzerland, and a few other countries considered low-risk for COVID-19, foreign persons are barred from travelling to the United States. The Swedish Police Authority’s website provides further information. As a result, foreign nationals who can provide proof of residency in one of the countries listed above will be granted access to Sweden without difficulty. It is possible that the list of nations will be updated at any point.

While travelling from a nation with a high risk of COVID-19, Australian citizens may be denied entrance.

Outside the Nordic region, foreign nationals must have been vaccinated against or recovered from COVID-19 before entering Sweden.

On your arrival, you may be asked to do a self-isolation test and undergo a medical evaluation. Swedish citizens and residents, as well as individuals under the age of 18, are free from this requirement. If you’d like further information, visit the Swedish Ministry of Justice homepage.

Travelers from southern Africa have different testing and quarantine regulations.

For the most up-to-date information, contact Swedish authorities.

Incoming flight out of Sweden

You may want to go back to Australia from Sweden, but the alternatives are always changing. Check with your airline to see if there are any restrictions on your trip, since several major hubs may be closed.

There are no restrictions on entering or exiting Stockholm Airport if you’re flying from one of these countries: European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland, or one of the low-risk nations identified by Sweden.

Staying put in Sweden

If you plan to stay in Sweden, be aware of the current visa rules and follow the advise of local authorities. Visit the Swedish Migration Agency for additional information about visa requirements.

To enter or attend specific events and places in Sweden, you will require an EU vaccination certificate.

Stricter rules for reacting to COVID-19 outbreaks have been put in place in some districts of Sweden. Inquire about local and regional health authorities’ guidance in your destination, as well as the national health agency’s recommendations.

Face masks should be worn on public transportation, according to the Swedish Public Health Agency.

Even though regulations may alter over time, proper cleanliness and social separation are still required.

Always heed the advise of authorities in your area.
Protect yourself against COVID-19 exposure. Check out the Health section.
Make sure you have plans in place for a long-term stay before you go.
Make sure your loved ones know you’re safe and sound by keeping in touch.