At Dubai 2020 Expo magnificent Opening Ceremony, audiences will be wowed by some of the most astonishing and technologically advanced performances in a world-class – and world-first – experience.

A 1,000-person cast and crew are developing a 90-minute immersive extravaganza that will showcase Al Wasl Plaza’s amazing dome – the world’s largest 360-degree projection surface and an extraordinary feat of engineering – to guests and millions of viewers.

Christie, Expo’s official projection and display partner, will generate a rich sea of colour and true-to-life graphics on the 130-metre-wide surface, which can be seen from both inside and outside the dome.

The cutting-edge laser projectors utilise less electricity while giving the highest dependability and clarity, and more than 1,000 speakers will augment the soundtrack, providing surround-sound acoustics.

A total of 30,000 individually controlled fairy lights will glitter across the lawn of Al Wasl Plaza, guiding visitors to the dome and the special evening it is hosting.

“There are two ‘wow’ moments that I am especially enthusiastic about,” said Nick Eltis, technical director of FiveCurrents.

“In the middle of the show, there comes a worldwide moment in which technology is the focal point.

“We are presenting the world to the world: it appears in this area and then vanishes – and it is magical.

“Then, for the climax, there is a UAE experience that is a simple, elegant piece of scenery that becomes the space’s focal point.”

“We are not just planning for the Opening Ceremony, but we are also preparing for the full 182 days of programming hours, and then, of course, Expo’s legacy,” he added.

“This is a venue that will be remembered for a lifetime, which makes me extremely delighted because it is so beautiful.”

The Opening Ceremony will be seen by millions of people throughout the world on several channels, including Expo TV.

“We intend to create an unrivalled experience at Expo 2020, and astonishing visuals on Al Wasl Plaza’s big dome will be an iconic aspect of this,” said Ahmed Al Khatib, chief development and delivery officer, Expo 2020 Dubai.

“Christie is a pioneer in this industry, and we anticipate a slew of memorable displays across the Expo site as a result of Christie’s revolutionary technologies.”