Entry in Czech Republic

Since 2015, the influx of asylum seekers has put strain on Europe’s border controls.

Carry your passport with you while crossing borders, even if you are within the Schengen region.

To remain up to current on border circumstances, follow these steps:

Inquire with local media and transportation companies about obtaining a driver’s licence.

To drive, you must be at least 18 years old.

To drive, you’ll need one of the following:

a driver’s licence from the United Kingdom or the European Union, as well as an International Driving Permit (IDP)

Check with the Czech Republic’s Ministry of Interior to see if your licence is still valid.

Traveling by car

Speed is the leading cause of car accidents and fatalities on the road.

Roads in rural locations may be in bad condition.

Always keep your car’s headlights turned on.

To drive on major motorways, you must have a motorway sticker on your automobile. The sticker is available at gas stations.

Drivers under the influence of alcohol or other substances are subject to a zero-tolerance policy in the Czech Republic.


Wear a helmet at all times.

Use a motorcycle only if you have a motorcycle licence.

Check with your travel insurance provider to determine whether your policy includes coverage for motorbikes.


Some taxi drivers refuse to utilise taxi metres, which allows them to overcharge.

Taxis should not be hailed on the street.

Use a Fair Place Cab stand or call for a taxi. Confirm that the taxi metre is turned on with the driver.

Public transportation

Keep your ticket till you reach your destination. If the inspector requests it, show it to him.

Traveling by train

You must reserve Super City trains. You may be punished if you board without a reservation.

At the moment, all international train service terminates at the Czech border.

Traveling by plane

The Department of Foreign Affairs does not offer information on the safety of specific commercial airlines or flight patterns.

The Aviation Safety Network has a profile on the Czech Republic’s air safety.