Creating Instagram Reels, Step-by-Step Guide!

INTRODUCTION TO THE UNINITIATED: Trying to utilise Instagram’s “Reels” function can feel like learning to ride a bike on a tightrope while wearing a parrot on your head with everyone you know watching you stumble. “The minute we master anything on Instagram, we’re thrown something else that we have to learn how to accomplish,” Dallas interior designer Jean Liu explained. The function, which will be available in August 2020, allows users to share movies of up to 60 seconds in length, comparable to TikToks, or blatant reposts from that network, on their feeds. In June, Ms. Liu attempted to upload her first solo reel, in which she panned over clay tile samples. However, she removed it within minutes after realising she had forgotten to add music.

Nonetheless, Ms. Liu stated that she would return to the Reels saddle because her career hinges on expanding her audience. “Every time a new client calls, we ask, ‘How did you find us?’ and the answer is almost always, ‘I found you on Instagram,'” she explained. The pressure is on to master Reels, which, according to Tessa Lyons-Laing, the platform’s Reels Product Director, is “the leading contributor to engagement growth.”

Tap the “Play” symbol at the bottom of the app’s home screen, then tap the camera icon at the upper right to film yourself, say, testing your new Theragun massager on an unsuspecting teddy bear. Click the musical notes to add songs (which will play as people watch your video) from Instagram’s huge music collection, which has tens of millions of licenced songs. Along the left side, you’ll also find various options to experiment with, such as alternate reality effects that will add butterflies and freckles to your face, as well as the option to vary the speed of your movie.

Can’t stand the stress of filming your video on the fly? You can also upload any clip from your phone’s archive to make a Reel by hitting the box at the bottom left of the Reels camera screen, which links to your camera roll. For more extensive instructions, visit YouTube channels such as “Modern Millie,” which provide user-friendly tutorials and ideas such as how to add a voice-over.

To record a Reel of your own, tap the “Play” symbol at the bottom of the app’s home screen,