Tours and adventure activities to Bolivia.

Transport and tour operators don’t always follow recommended safety or maintenance rules.

They may not give you safety equipment, like life jackets and seatbelts, when you go on a trip.

Dive trips and trips to the Uyuni salt plains are included in this.

If you want to go on a tour or go on an adventure, say so.

If you have travel insurance, check to see if it covers it. Ask about and demand that there are minimum safety standards.
Life jackets and seatbelts should always be used if they are available, and they should be used whenever possible.

If the provider doesn’t have the right safety equipment, look for another one.

There are salt plains in the Uyuni area.

Tour operators who have a CB radio or satellite phone are better than those who do not. Mobile phone coverage isn’t very good.

Prepare for delays caused by melting snow and new snowfalls.

Driving permit

To drive in Bolivia, you need both:

A valid Australian driver’s licence and an International Driving Permit are required to get behind the wheel (IDP)

Make sure you have your IDP before leaving.

Road travel

If you have a car accident in Bolivia, you are four times more likely to die than if you were in Australia.

People who drive in rural areas are at risk. Among the risks are:

poorly kept roads and cars
a lot of pedestrians and livestock on the roads because there aren’t enough street signs and lights

If there is a lot of rain from November to March, you might see flooding or landslides on the road to the Yungas and the Beni area.

It’s against the law to drive with a blood alcohol level above 0%.

In this case, you should not drive.

Check out the traffic rules and practises in your area before you drive.
be on the lookout for possible dangers, especially at night and in the countryside.

if you are going to: make sure you have extra time and are ready to change your plans.

in winter or early spring, the Uyuni salt plains


Check with your travel insurance to see if your policy covers you when you ride a motorbike, quad bike, or other type of vehicle.

Always use a helmet.


Taxi and limousine service can be booked through your hotel.

Be on the lookout for criminals and scams that target people who use taxis.

People use public transportation to get to and from work and

Public transportation can be dangerous because of bad roads, bad driving, and bad maintenance standards.

If you can, try to avoid public transportation as much as possible

When you’re on a boat, you can

Tourist boats used on Lake Titicaca and for river trips in the jungle are often very basic.

Wear a life jacket even if other people don’t.

Taking a flight is a way to get

DFAT doesn’t give information about the safety of commercial airlines or flight paths.

You can check Bolivia’s air safety record with the Aviation Safety Network.