Adobe Commerce businesses will also be able to join Bolt’s merchant network, “which will offer quick access to the firm’s expanding pool of 10 million recognised customers who can complete their checkout with just one click,” according to the company.

“Adobe Commerce businesses will be able to quickly incorporate Bolt’s checkout functionality in their digital storefront to enhance the consumer experience,” Bolt stated in a statement. “Because Adobe will maintain the upgraded checkout, retailers will benefit from capabilities that are always up to date, safe, and stable, while offering a compelling purchasing experience.”

According to Bob Buch, Bolt’s chief business officer, Adobe’s decision to double down on its solution to improve the checkout experience “is a significant testimonial to the success of our cooperation to date.” Since our collaboration in 2020, we’ve given Adobe Commerce businesses the opportunity to incorporate Bolt’s quick, frictionless checkouts. Now, to make it even easier for Adobe Commerce businesses to provide their consumers with a better checkout experience, we’ve included Bolt.”

“We’re continuing to expand Adobe Commerce to assist our merchants sustain growth and make every experience shoppable,” said Adobe’s vice president of business development, Justin Merickel. “Our relationship with Bolt gives companies with a seamless one-click checkout capability built on innovation and agility, eventually boosting customer buying experiences.”

When customers visit a Bolt business, “they can check out with only one click instead of utilising guest checkout,” according to Bolt. By offering one-click checkout, Bolt’s merchant partners boosted conversions by 50% over guest checkout and provided checkouts that were 40% quicker than guest checkouts.”

According to Jordan Jewell, IDC’s research director of digital commerce, the checkout “is the final engagement point that brands and retailers have with their consumers prior to purchase, making it crucial for merchants to get the checkout experience right and generate customer loyalty.” Adobe’s collaboration with Bolt is intended to assist retailers enhance the native checkout in Adobe Commerce by minimising friction and lowering abandoned carts, allowing them to compete more effectively in today’s fast-growing digital economy.”