It’s time to ride the NFT wave with this cryptocurrency master class bundle. The deal’s price and availability may change after it’s been written.

The NFT and Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Masterclass Bundle is on sale for £14.77, which is 98% off the list price.

The word “NFT” is used a lot by people at the Thanksgiving table. If you didn’t hear it, did you even have a holiday break? It’s the word everyone is talking about, but no one can figure out what it means. But with this masterclass bundle, you can learn everything you want to know about NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

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There are six courses in the Complete NFT and Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Masterclass Bundle that cover everything you need to know about NFTs. There are over 152 lessons in all.

You’ll start by learning how to put your art in an open market. The courses cover everything from non-fungible tokens, minting, and crypto wallets to crypto wallets and crypto mining. A course that only takes an hour to finish will let you join the non-fungible token revolution. You’ll get a better sense of the world of NFTs by the second class. Next, start learning about how to trade currencies like Bitcoin.

Each class is taught by people like Benjamin Wilson, an entrepreneur and marketing expert who has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating for his teaching skills. They teach the classes.

There is a lot of value in the Complete NFT and Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Masterclass Bundle. Each course normally costs £147. You can also get the bundle for just £14.77 without a coupon.