A winter ice storm batters the Carolinas and the Southeast, dumping snow, sleet and rain. After a winter storm on Friday brought a mix of snow, sleet, and freezing rain to parts of the Southeast and mid-Atlantic, authorities are still telling people to stay away from icy roads on Saturday.

On Saturday morning, the storm was mostly gone from the Atlantic coast. This storm has left as much as six inches of snow in parts of southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina, according to the National Weather Service and AccuWeather. There was ice and snow all over coastal areas from South Carolina to Virginia, places that don’t usually get very cold in the winter.

For places like Wilmington and Myrtle Beach, AccuWeather said it was only going to happen once every decade.

People who work for the police told people to stay away from slippery, snow-covered roads. They also told people to watch out for black ice.

A tweet from the Virginia Division of Transportation Saturday morning said, “The snow has stopped. The sun is out, the temperature isn’t above freezing, and the roads are still dangerous for drivers. ” Do not go on a trip now.

North Carolina’s Department of Transportation agreed with this advice, telling people to stay home with hot chocolate and a movie instead of driving somewhere.

The Huntersville Fire Department in North Carolina says it’s dealing with a lot of accidents and wants people to stay off the roads.

In a tweet, the department said, “We haven’t seen this kind of thing before.” “We’re also seeing a rise in accidents.”

The NWS said that in southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina, there was 4 to 6 inches of snow, and it was cold.

The NWS said that in North and South Carolina, the best amount of ice was half an inch.

A plane skidded off the runway at the icy Raleigh-Durham Worldwide Airport in North Carolina on Friday nite. This caused a lot of problems for the state’s airport security. Airport workers said there had been no accidents. North Carolina’s state Freeway Patrol said that an ambulance also fell off an icy road Friday, injuring two people on board. There were a lot of accidents on Friday, the governor’s office said.

The storm also knocked out power for a lot of people in parts of North Carolina on Friday, Duke Energy said. energy that isn’t being used in the coastal parts of South Carolina.

When it snows, it looks like it was made by a lake.

Downwind of the Nice Lakes, there can be a lot of things that aren’t very straight.

The governors of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia all put their states into emergency mode because the storm was coming.

Some schools called off classes on Friday because of the storm, and police told drivers to stay off the roads.

Many counties from South Carolina to Virginia were facing winter weather advisories, storms, and ice on Friday, and Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin declared a state of emergency Thursday that will last thru Saturday so that people and resources can be mobilized more quickly to help.

All Virginians should keep an eye on their local weather forecasts and take personal safety precautions to make sure they and their families are safe, Virginia Gov. Bob Youngkin said in a press release. He told people to stay off the roads when things were dangerous.

At the beginning of the week, North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper signed a state of emergency for the second storm in a few days. He said that 114 soldiers from the National Guard had been stationed in central and eastern North Carolina. They were ready to move to the areas that had been hit by the storm. He said that ice buildup could cause long power outages.

There are a lot of things to know about the wind chill index and how to figure it out.

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