Beginning in March 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic changed how group fitness instructors gave sessions and how members attended them. Since then, 2021 has been a period of trial and error, as well as review. What group fitness instructors and leaders like you do with the trials and lessons will have a significant impact on your capacity to succeed in 2022. This next year will continue to test your commitment to think, study, and uncover ways to achieve and contribute to the industry’s future.

Everything Depends on Your Attitude and Action

The epidemic continues to have a negative impact on attendance. The hurdles to entrance for in-person sessions remain very real, whether it’s fear of a new variety or a dislike of wearing a mask while attending class. The extent of your reach in this new environment will be determined by your attitude toward what you do, how you do it, and how you may improve.

By 2022, it will be widely accepted that “normal” is not a destination. Instructors and operators may no longer “wait and see what happens” before giving digital teaching or classes. Even technophobes are taking on the task of configuring a gadget, logging into a streaming service, and delivering virtual lessons. Regardless of your expertise or comfort level with presenting digital lessons, it’s critical to put up the effort to learn about and experiment with this new means of delivering your services.

Last year, I wrote on the expansion and variety of products, and I expect that trend will continue. As things continue to alter and grow in 2022, instructors who provide online and/or outdoor lessons will be able to rely on those abilities to evaluate what is and isn’t working. To thrive, teachers and clubs must collaborate to capitalise on opportunities, promote community, and reward involvement.

Digital Marketing Will Become More Strategic

Random live streaming on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram are no longer the most realistic choice for giving regular online lessons. More instructors and facilities will invest in a proper digital platform by 2022 in order to improve their insights and the overall user experience. Many of our participants have “voted with their screens” to show us when and what they want to accomplish on a regular basis; it is our responsibility to notice and act on their wishes.

Facilities and instructors who explore methods to develop distinctive and interesting digital programmes for their members and participants will be successful. Streaming platforms rely on the success of its clients and will continue to give extensive training on how to sell, improve, and create digital products. As a result, the advantage of doing digital well will go beyond simply providing members with a library of programmes. As the capabilities of these platforms expand, digital will be utilised to enrol and educate members, review programmes and teachers, and so much more.


Facilities have discovered the possibility to conduct interviews and see taped auditions before allowing candidates to enter the club. When applying for a new position, instructors should have a recorded sample class ready. Whether an instructor is teaching a class or volunteers to sub, there is a good chance that it will be filmed or broadcast.


Digital will keep us linked indefinitely. Yes, even in the fitness business, responsibilities are growing increasingly distant. More institutions know that they can work with and deliver great talent from anywhere in the world, whether it’s teaching online classes or leading from a distant place. As a consequence, we will see more employment and cooperation from across the country and throughout the world. We will also see an increase in the value of these more distant managers since having a camera in the studio is no longer considered an intrusion. Regional managers may now observe and analyse teacher recordings or live streaming from afar, which has grown more accessible and usual.


Because education providers offer courses both in-person and online, it’s critical that you understand your preferred learning style and how you best absorb material as a teacher. Taking time away from work and investing in travel and lodging when there are so many unknowns may not be justifiable for many. Although digital education and conferences provide flexibility and adaptability for teachers’ requirements and lifestyles, in-person experiences will remain significant in the sector in 2022.

Behavior Modification Remains Crucial

Instead of focusing on the latest fad or piece of equipment, the debate in 2021 was centred on recruiting the “other 80 percent” by emphasising wellness and community. To reach these goals by 2022, we must place both feet firmly in the shoes of our participants. For some time, behaviour modification has been a topic of discussion in the field of health coaches and personal trainers; the future of group fitness will depend on instructors understanding more about what makes individuals light up and how to effectively incorporate these ideas in the group environment. The more you can understand your participants’ motivations and create trust, the more you will be able to serve and encourage courses for a longer period of time, regardless of the programme or platform. Before attempting to learn a new format, make sure to examine and review your teaching on a frequent basis to verify that your music, cueing, and programming are aware and inclusive.

When there are fewer players, teamwork is more important.

In 2021, we discovered how important it is to collaborate. 2022 will demonstrate how, as a group fitness instructor, you can become mentors and educators for future instructors. Veteran teachers are needed to educate new instructors, particularly in non-branded and inclusive forms for unique groups.

You’re not alone if you feel that the last two years have passed you by in a haze. If these times have taught us anything, it’s not to go too far ahead of ourselves. Spend some time thinking on what you learnt, experienced, and achieved in 2020 and 2021. Whatever your objectives are for 2022, from education to opportunities, being mindful of your attitude, actions, and connections may provide the groundwork for success in an ever-changing market.