Valef Yachts - Setting new standards in luxury boat chartering

Valef Yachts is famous with pioneering luxury and mega yacht chartering in Greece, a country ripe for it. Bill Lefakinis, a self-made businessman, started the heritage firm in 1969.

Bill worked tirelessly to establish Valef Yachts among a distinguished international clientele. He cleared the path for historic mega ships like Onassis’ famed ‘Christina O.,’ which recorded history as the world’s biggest and most exalted vessel, to be offered for private charters.

Bill’s daughters Kassandra and Alexandra Lefakinis lead the family business’s second generation. The women painstakingly choose from a portfolio of over 400 unique vessels to exceed their clients’ expectations for a tailor-made charter experience in Greece and the Mediterranean.

Kassandra and Alexandra Lefakinis are the second generation co-owners and management partners of Valef Yachts, a family firm that pioneered luxury and super yacht rentals in Greece when it was launched in 1969. The women have established new standards in luxury boat chartering.

The American-Greek sisters carefully select from a portfolio comprised of the most extensive and exclusive fleet of yachts and classic boats with history, including the Puritan sailing yacht, built in 1930 and meticulously restored to its original grandeur, to exceed their clients’ expectations for a luxury yacht charter in Greece and the Mediterranean.

Valef Yachts signifies a dedication to providing full-crew private yachting experiences that completely respond to the demands of each visitor on board as well as on shore excursions.

Today’s sophisticated clientele, on the other hand, is not searching for an isolated vacation experience in a remote refuge. The mindful traveller seeks a comprehensive experience that encompasses not just substantial wellness and health options, but also cultural immersion.

“The criteria of luxury yacht chartering have been re-defined,” Alexandra Lefakinis explains. “We don’t do tourism; we do ’boutique’ for smart travellers,” she says.

Health & Wellness

A high-end wellness strategy strives to reconnect visitors with their mind, body, and soul. “You can feel the elements on the wide sea, and we build on that liberated sensation,” Kassandra explains.

Onboard expert chefs prepare organic and locally sourced produce with care. During the charter, yoga teachers and masseuses are accessible. To support the large choice of sea sports activities such as paddle boarding, wakeboarding, sea bobs, jet ski, scuba and snorkelling, yachts are increasingly outfitted with exquisite on-board spa amenities including steam and sauna rooms, a gym, and water toys storage.

“Defined living is about health and wellbeing,” Alexandra says, “and we approach the sailing adventure as a wellness vacation.”

Knowledge Transfer Provides Additional Value

Hospitality was more than just a practise in Ancient Greece. Strangers were regarded sacred, esteemed, and respected persons by the ancient Greeks, who were protected by Zeus himself. The exchange of presents cemented the hospitality.

In same spirit, Alexandra and Kassandra prepare to greet their esteemed guests. Present boxes are loaded with distinctive Greek items, and each gift tells a narrative to bring the Greek culture closer to the tourist. Brochures for the youngest visitors use a creative approach to learning about the sea and its needs, transforming children into Blue Ambassadors.

Guests are not only going on a hidden map of secluded coves in Greece, but their Blue Ambassador children may now teach them the value of safe-docking.


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