Vaccine injustice disgrace to humanity.

Vaccine injustice disgrace humanity.

A member of the indigenous community in Colombia receives a COVID-19 vaccination

International efforts to decelerate the COVID-19 Delta form have been impeded by its unusually lethal character which has resulted in hotspots of hospitalizations and deaths in areas where vaccination levels are low and public health measures are lacking.

However, an additional $1 billion is required to complete this proposal. Similarly, a $7.7 billion fundraising campaign has been initiated to expand the ACT-Accelerator initiative, which provides health workers with diagnostics, treatments, immunizations, and protective equipment, as well as increased research and development into the next generation of health instruments.

Vaccine injustice: ‘Shame on all humanity’

In response to efforts by certain governments to provide booster vaccines, Tedros emphasized that only ten countries received 75 percent of all vaccine supplies and that low-income countries have only immunized about 2% of their populations.

Given the massive disparity, the top WHO official advocated for a temporary ban on boosters to allow supplies to be relocated to countries facing significant outbreaks.

While the WHO has convened health experts to debate the available facts on the usefulness of boosters, delivering initial shots and protecting the most vulnerable remain the top priorities.

“If manufacturers and leaders prefer booster injections above supplies to low- and middle-income countries, the difference between the haves and have nots will further widen,” he predicted.

In an interconnected world where the COVID-19 virus is rapidly changing, the chief stated that national leaders must commit to vaccination equality and global solidarity in order to preserve lives and halt the spread of variants.

“Vaccine injustice is a disgrace to humanity,” he continued, “and if we don’t address it as a group, we will prolong the acute stage of this pandemic for years when it could be gone in months.”

Students posing in front of the mural ONU Mexico/Teresita Moreno

Students posing in front of the mural




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