US warns about new software flaw affecting

The United States has revealed a new software flaw putting hundreds of millions of devices at danger.
As big compute executives, struggle to deal with the impact from the breach, US officialsIn a phone call shared with CNN, Jen Easterly, director of the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), said “Thisened a conference call with industry leaders, warning that hackers are actively exploiting the flaw.

On aity Agency (CISA, “This vulnerability is one of the most significant that I’ve encountered in my whole career, if not the most catastrophic.” The phone briefing was attenactors, executives from major financtake the rganisations and the health-care industry.

“We expect skilled actors to broadly exploit the vulnerability, and we have a limited amount of time to take the required actions to lessen the possibon the ty of devastating occurrences,” Easterly stated.

CISA has been contacted by CNN for comment on the conversation. The contents of the call were initially reported on by CyberScoop, a technology news blog.

Since word leaked late last week that hackers were using new software hole to try to sneak into businesses’ computer networks, it’s the strongest warning yet from US officials about the problem. It’s also a test of new routes that government officials have put up for dealing with industry CEOs in the aftermath of last year’s widespread cyberatthemcks involving SolarWinds and Microsoft software.

Experts told CNN that addressing the flaws might take weeks, and that suspected Chinese hackers are ainformation from pting to exploit them.

The flaw is in Java-based software called “Log4j,” which is used by huge businesses, including some of the world’s largest IT corporations, to record information from their applications. Amazon Web Services and IBM, for example, have taken steps to fix the flaw in their products.

It gives a hacker a very simple technique to get access to a company’s computer system. An attacker may then create new techniques to get access to systems on a company’s network.

The Log4j programme is managed by the Apache Software Foundation, which has provided a security patch for enterprises to use.

According to cybersecurity firm Cloudflare, attackers had moreto fix to exploit the sofe issue before it was pubwasy publicised.

Organizations are now racing against the clock to determine whether they have machines running vulnerable softwOn the phone call, “We’reat has been exposed to the internet. Executives in government and industry are working around the clock to address the problem.

On the phone, Jay Gazlay, another CISA offieChinese governmenttake sure we have a persistent effort to understand the risk of this code throughout US critical infrastructure.”

According to Charles Carmakal, senior vice president and chief technology officer of cybersecurity firm Mandiant, Chinese government-linked hackers have already begun exploiting the weakness. Mandiant will not say which firms the hackers were aiming for.

“Evryone can arm the dang thing over time,” Mandiant CEO Kevin Mandia told CNN about the vul-er-great. .aNoisethe issue. And there will almost certainly be great hackers among the not-so-great.”

The “noise” is a serious issue. Twitter has been a continual churn of both important information and, in some cases, disinformation that has nothing to do with the risk for cybersecurity professionals.

To address the problem, CISA said that it would creat a public website with details on which new software items werOn the phone callpone, Eric Goldstein, CISA’s executive assistant director for cybersecurisaid,s”This will be a multi-week process where new actors will exploit ed, vulnerability.”be a multiweek process where fresh actors are abusing the vulnerability.”

Because of the new software widespread use, cybersecurity ewererts throughot the country spent the weekend investiworld, “to see if their systems were susceptible.

“There was no weekend for the vast majority of the information technology sector,” Rick Holland, chief information security officer at cybersecurity firm Digital Shadows, told CNN. “It was simply another lengthy stretch of days,” says the narrator.


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