Canadians are being advised not to travel overseas due of Omicron. On Wednesday, the Canadian government encouraged Canadians to avoid overseas travel during the Christmas season, citing the Omicron version of Covid, which “makes us dread the worse,” including rising infections and travel problems.

The travel recommendation will be reviewed in four weeks, but public health restrictions may be enforced in the meantime if the pandemic situation worsens, authorities said during a press briefing.

“Our government has formally advised Canadians to avoid non-essential travel outside of Canada,” Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos said at a press conference.

“Those who intend to go should be aware that now is not the time to do it. We are concerned about the rapid spread of the Covid variant on a worldwide scale “He stated.

“Canadians on the move may get the virus or become stuck abroad.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau advocated sealing the border at an emergency meeting late Tuesday, but the plan was roundly rejected by provincial leaders, according to an AFP source.

Duclos stated that Covid testing of passengers at Canadian airports will be expanded, and that further public health measures would be implemented in the following days.

“There will undoubtedly be further public health measures (coming) as the situation evolves,” Duclos added.

“The epidemiological condition is quickly changing. Even without considering the novel Omicron variety, the evidence now available predicts a large upsurge of infections “He stated.

Earlier, Trudeau told reporters that Canadians should “make wise judgments about Christmas celebrations.”

Last year about this time, all new visitors to Canada were subjected to a 14-day quarantine.

The World Health Organization said on Tuesday that Omicron variant cases were proliferating at breakneck speed and asked governments to take immediate steps to attempt to curb their spread.

There were 40,000 active Covid cases in Canada as of Wednesday, with at least 4,500 new infections recorded by public health officials.