It was the last day of qualifying races on Sunday, and three more U.S. alpine skiing team qualified for the Olympics. There are still a few spots left for discretionary picks.

Radamus, 23, is likely to be the team’s youngest member. He is the best American in giant slalom, and he is ninth in the world. His birthday is the same day as the Olympic giant slalom.

At the 2016 and 2019 Youth Olympic Games, Radamus, an American skier, won five gold medals. Ted Ligety, who has been out of competition for a long time now, is no longer a medal hope for the United States.

He was 24 when he became the top American male slalom skier. He was ranked 24th in the world on Sunday. His best finish in the World Cup slalom in Adelboden, Switzerland, was 10th on Jan. 9, making it nearly six years since the last time the United States had a man in 10th place.

Cashman, 22, was the third U.S. woman to qualify for super-G. Shiffrin and Johnson were the first two women to qualify.

Six men and nine women are on the US alpine skiing team, which would be the smallest since 1984, when the super-G was added. This would be the smallest Alpine skiing team since then. Later this month, when they move things around, it might get more places.

It’s up to USA Ski and Snowboard to decide which direction to go for its last men’s spot.

Based on the criteria it uses to decide who gets it, it could give it to three-time Olympian Steven Nyman. Nyman is third in the U.S. super-G rankings, and he beats Brian McLaughlin, who is third in the U.S. GS rankings, by one World Cup point in each of their disciplines.

Skiers who aren’t on the team could be chosen to ski in a super combined.

It could choose a skier who was injured and didn’t compete, like Tommy Ford or Jared Goldberg, and ask them to sign a petition. They should do this by 7 p.m. ET on Sunday.

This is how it worked out: The U.S. filled all of its goal spots for women with the best skiers in downhill, super-G, giant slalom, slalom, and combined. AJ Hurt and slalom skiers A.J. Hurt and A.J. Hurt could get the last two spots (Katie Hensien).

It could happen if there was a third spot. In a race on December 12, Wright broke a bone in her right ankle. Since then, she hasn’t been able to ski. Wright was the second-ranked American woman in the combined. The U.S. doesn’t have a third woman with combined points, so the spot would be up for grabs.