The Stripe Motif of George Trochopoulos

George Trochopoulos, despite having only a few years of fashion school under his belt, has become one of the most sought-after designers in the industry.

After considering a career in law or software engineering, the London-based 20-year-old fashion designer decided to get into fashion design. During his search for a safe environment and a community, he decided to pursue fashion design as a career.

“I don’t know if it’s because I’m gay or something else, but I’ve always been really creative and fun,” he said. As a child, I had no idea what a career in fashion design would entail, but I decided to give it a try. It was the only way I could see myself thriving in a place where I was free to be myself and express myself. Everything about it seemed correct, and it moved us closer to our goal. At the time, I truly needed a community and the support that fashion could provide, and it wasn’t really about the clothing themselves or my passion with gowns.”

George Trochopoulos is a knitwear student at the London College of Fashion. After just a few years of sewing in high school, he entered the programme with little design experience.

After completing his first internship and gaining some experience, he began posting his ideas on social media. Striped dresses and shirts are the designer’s distinctive style, which he hand-knits, sews, and dyes himself. Last fall, he started taking bespoke orders for the items and gradually gained a following on social media.

There are a lot of influences in Trochopoulos’ thoughts, and they’ve been “sort of translated into garments,” he added. Patterns fascinate me, and I’m fascinated by how they can be modified. The stripe is an example of something I discovered five or six months ago, and I’m continuously looking for new ways to incorporate it into my designs. ”

For his client, YouTube sensation Emma Chamberlain, Jared Ellner approached designer George Trochopoulos to request an Emma Chamberlain commissioned green-striped shirt.

Photos of Chamberlain wearing his shirt went viral when he was in a rural Greek village without WiFi or mobile coverage, according to the designer. It wasn’t long before he saw an increase in social media followers and requests for unique artwork after being allowed to use his phone again. It wasn’t long until he had his own website up and running.

After Chamberlain, Trochopoulos’ stripe designs were worn by a slew of celebrities. For Kendall Jenner’s bespoke knit top and Miley Cyrus’s black striped knit dress this summer, we’ve got you covered. A T-shirt with a picture of Cyrus in the outfit is part of the singer’s product line.

Deba and Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah wore his gowns at the British Fashion Awards this week.

“I believe no matter what style, colour, size, or texture, I’m extremely interested in producing garments that make people feel gorgeous,” George Trochopoulos said of his creations. The fact that I was raised in an area where there were no other gay people made it difficult for me to feel sexy until, say, this year. It’s just that pleasure and freedom, and especially gender ecstasy, are so closely linked to the feeling of sexiness in my opinion.”

For the autumn of 2023, George Trochopoulos plans to unveil his first full collection in London in February of 2022. Pattern cutting, beads, and dyeing are just some of the techniques that will be used in the new collection. It will also feature his characteristic stripe motif.


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