Local and international guests can now enjoy The Standard, Hua Hin, the brand’s first resort in Thailand. The Standard, Hua Hin will be the preferred destination for the Thai creative set and The Standard’s global loyalists. Visitors can enjoy unique culinary experiences at three on-site restaurants, as well as rejuvenating spa services that blend tradition and innovation.

Every aspect of this property has been meticulously thought out. Amar Lalvani, Standard International’s Executive Chairman, said the hotel’s design and architecture matched the hotel’s food, cocktails, music, art and scent. With Hua Hin’s understated elegance and The Standard’s playful hospitality. Nowhere else in Thailand can you get the same experience. ”

Beach Adventures

The Standard, HuaHin,n offers singles, couples, and families many activities on the property. The resort offers traditional water sports like paddle boarding and kayaking, as well as wakeboarding and kiteboarding. Guests can also ride horses on the beach or play beach tennis. Afternoon and pre-dinner cocktails are accompanied by our house DJ.

Styled Dining

Our Italian-inspired Lido Restaurant and Bar offers year-round al fresco dining that transforms into an intimate culinary experience at night. The menu features rotisserie-grilled meats and seafood, as well as classic pizzas and paninis. Guests can enjoy marinated porchetta, roasted whole chicken, grilled seafood, and a selection of perfectly al dente pasta dishes, all paired with an international wine list.

The property’s beautifully restored heritage house now serves traditional Thai family style dishes paired with craft cocktails. Praça’s idyllic beachfront location and thoughtful design create an intimate atmosphere perfect for sharing. On the menu are traditional Thai dishes with a modern twist, using traditional Thai ingredients. Visitors can also book Chef’s Table dinners and waterfront picnics.

They are invited to The Juice Café, which serves fresh pressed juices and a variety of baked goods as they stroll through the garden. The cafe’s terrace is ideal for early risers to read the newspaper and prepare for the day.

Wellness at the Spa

The Standard Spa in Miami Beach inspired The Stand at d Hua Hin to create wellness and sensory experiences.
This is all done in a seductive, playful environment. There’s also an MLounge,nge where guests can slather themselves in healiclay,lay or a MoLounge,nge that delivers soothing stimuli after ssessions,ons, as well as glow-in-the-dark moon yoga.

The expert team offers private therapy sessions, meditation, and breathwork to help guests relax and unwind. Chakras are unblocked and guests are left balanced using crystals and quartz. The vibrations of water-filled singing bowl ceremonies also promote REM sleep and reduce anxiety.

Relaxed Hollywood Glamour The Standard, Hua Hin is located on Hua Hin’s most famous beach. The resort achieves seamless design continuity between the area’s rich history and the brand’s own mid-century design rots. The property is located in a prime location, just steps from the beach.

The design, by the Standard’s in-house design team, pays homage to the Standard’s first waterfront hotel, The Standard Spa, Miami Beach. The lush tropical landscape is a constant natural backdrop. Praça, a Thai izakaya restaurant and cock bar, is at the heart of the development. Hua Hin’s old-world charm meets an international sensibility in a stunning mix of modern and historic, architectural and organic, local and global.

A Favorite Getaway

Hua Hin, a beloved getaway since 1911, became a destination when the railroad connecting Bangkok and the south arrived at the pristine little beach town. By the mid-1920s, it was the nobility’s preferred getaway. Without sacrificing its old-world charm, the sleepy fishing village has become a popular seaside destination. Hua Hin is now a popular weekend getaway for Bangkok residents eager for The Standard’s stylish and vibrant beachfront resort. Enjoy the subtle Thai elegance of Hua Hin while keeping an eye on the global scene and having a good time.

They have just announced two special opening offers. The Stowaway Long Stay Package includes daily breakfast for two, 15% off all other food and beverage, 15% off the a la carte menu at The Spa, 15% off laundry service, and uskayak. Kayakstand Canoe SUP Board (SUP) equipment for up to 30% off best available rates at the resort. Visit www.standardhotels.com for more information and current promotions.