South Africa has a lot of problems with crime and violence. In South Africa, there are a lot more crimes than in Australia.

Be aware.

Police in South Africa have to deal with a lot of crimes that are very bad. It’s hard for them to get by. For less serious crimes like theft and fraud, you may not get the same level of service in Australia as you would get there.

Police in South Africa don’t work with tourists. As “Tourist Police,” criminals have conned and stolen from tourists. Among other things, this means stopping tourist busses to check IDs and search luggage.

Airport crime

In and around airports, crime can happen.

When you arrive at the airport,

Atms are places where you can exchange currencies.
Accommodation for tourists

This happens as well: thieves get their hands on bags.

To avoid this, don’t put valuables in your checked-in bag.

This isn’t the only crime:

In South Africa, there are things like this:

Robberies that involve violence can happen at shopping centers. Be on the lookout at all times.

Assaults and thefts happen on the commuter and metro trains in the area, but they happen less often.

Between Johannesburg and Pretoria in Cape Town, there is a city called Cape Town.

Theft from hotel rooms and guesthouses does happen, even at game parks.

In restaurants and bars, people have had their bags and backpacks stolen by thieves. All public places should be kept safe.

To avoid theft

You don’t want to leave your luggage and other valuables unattended while you’re away.
Then, put your luggage and valuables in safe places.

After dark, crime rates are much higher than during the day.

Avoid these places to keep yourself safe:

After dark, townships, unless you go on an organized tour with a reputable company, are isolated beaches, lookout points, and picnic areas.

There is a risk of being kidnaped all over South Africa. Kidnappings are usually done for money or to be a criminal. A lot of foreigners have been kidnaped in the past. Pay attention to your own safety.

A crime involving a vehicle

Thieves who look like vendors or beggars steal cars:

at traffic lights and on highway off ramps.

“Smash and grab” thefts from cars and carjackings are very common.

When there is a lot of traffic on major roads at major intersections after dark,

Criminals also throw things on the road to try to stop cars. Don’t stop to clean up the mess.

To keep your car safe while you’re on the road:

You should keep the doors and windows closed even when you’re driving, even if you’re not at home.
Things that are worth a lot should not be seen.
Hikers have been attacked by other hikers.

Police in South Africa are looking for people who have robbed hikers.

To avoid being attacked while hiking:

hike together
be aware of your surroundings and what is going on around you.
Cash and credit cards were used in a crime.

ATMs can be found in most big cities. There aren’t as many ATMs in rural areas as in urban areas.

ATM and credit card fraud is very common, but it’s not always true. Criminals use skimming devices in order to steal your credit card information. These devices copy your credit card information onto a blank card.

Criminals wait near ATMs and rob people who are getting money out of them.

If you want to keep your money and credit cards safe, follow these steps:

Small amounts of cash should be withdrawn from ATMs, and you should not accept help at ATMs. Keep all ATM and credit card payment slips safe, and keep your credit card in sight at all times when you use it.

Use ATMs that don’t open up to the street. Only use them in places where ATMs are supposed to be.

A bank is a shop is a shopping center.

Scams happen all the time.

Avoid scams. A lot of the time, things that sound too good to be true are.

if you were scammed, don’t go to South Africa to get your money back. In this case, the risk of being assaulted is too high.

Most of the fake internet friendship, dating, and marriage schemes come from some African countries. Most of the time, this happens on online dating sites or in online chat rooms.

It’s possible that someone who you meet on the internet will ask for money so they can come over and visit you. As soon as the scammer gets the money, they break up with you.

Some people might want you to go to Africa to meet them. When you arrive in Africa, they may kidnap, assault, or rob you. This is why you should be careful.


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