Should you travel to Vegas for the WSOP?

Should you travel to Vegas for the WSOP?


The World Series of Poker is set to begin on September 30 and run through November 23. With poker fans all over the world anticipating the biggest event on the game’s annual sporting calendar, there are more ways than ever before to stay up to date on this year’s results. Few things, however, can match the thrill of getting up close and personal with your favourite poker player. Continue to watch to see if you should go to Las Vegas for this year’s World Series of Poker tournament.

An expensive affair
With the 2021 World Series of Poker set to take place in September, travel costs are expected to be higher than in previous years. In the autumn, Las Vegas attracts hordes of sports betting fans and tourists looking for a slightly cooler getaway. As a result, you might have to pay more for your annual trip to Sin City this year. With hotel, resort, gas, flight, and even food prices in the city skyrocketing, your entire trip could end up costing you thousands of dollars in the long run. This may not be a problem for poker enthusiasts who had planned to buy their first World Series of Poker tournament tickets in 2021.

A once-in-a-lifetime experience
Whether you have been a lifelong poker fan or have only recently become interested in the game, the World Series of Poker is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that most poker fans wish to have. If you have the funds and time, your trip to the biggest event on the poker calendar will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. If a trip to Las Vegas is not on your agenda this year, you can still keep up with the latest updates in real-time on a top poker website like If you’re a newcomer to poker, the World Series of Poker can be a great way to meet your idols and ask them for advice.

The World Series of Poker Europe
If you are a European poker fan, you may want to postpone your trip to Las Vegas for the time being. The tournament has a European leg every year, with this year’s event returning on November 19 to King’s Resort in the Czech Republic, home to the continent’s largest poker room, and concluding on December 8. While these dates may slightly overlap with the US version of the event, fans can get up close and personal with some of Europe’s greatest players while also keeping up with some of the world’s greatest players from the comfort of their own homes. With only 15 matches, the World Series of Poker Europe bracelet schedule is significantly smaller than that of the US version.

From September 30 to November 23, the World Series of Poker will be held at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. As the biggest event on the poker calendar, millions of aficionados from all over the world are preparing for their yearly journey to Sin City. However, while this is the ideal way to experience the event, it remains an unreachable ambition for a growing percentage of international fans due to escalating expenses. Alternatively, if you have the financial means, the event’s US or European leg must be seen to be believed.


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