Rani Mukerji and Saif Ali Khan’s character in Bunty Aur Babli 2

Rani Mukerji and Saif Ali Khan are set to reunite on television for the first time in almost a decade. This time, it’s for the Bunty Aur Babli sequel (2005). The second instalment will depict the lives of former headline-making con artists Bunty and Babli. While Babli has become a housewife who misses being the centre of attention, Bunty has retired and misses plotting thefts that once made the whole country speak.

“Vimmy is bored being a housewife in a small town. Rani Mukerji knows she is the OG Babli, a smart woman who pulled off incredible cons. Though she is happy in her marriage, she craves being the centre of attention. Rani Mukerji has decided to pursue fashion; her fashion choices are loud, colourful, and happy because that’s what her personality is and I must say she relishes the fact that people in Fursatgunj look up to her.”

While speaking about his role, Saif stated, “Rakesh misses the thrill he got when he was the famed conman Bunty every day. Though he has kept his name hidden and enjoys his marriage with Vimmy, he misses the activity, misses preparing for cons that made national news. Suppressing who he genuinely is and wants to be has a negative influence on his health.”

Saif said, “Because of my hectic filming schedule, I had to gain many pounds and then swiftly reduce them. Looking back, I’m delighted I went through the procedure since Rakesh aka Bunty looks real.” Keep an eye on this space for more Bollywood news.

Bunty Aur Babli


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