As soon as Andy Murray reached the final of the Sydney International singles, he said something about Novak Djokovic’s immigration fight. This has completely overshadowed the tennis being played this week, which is right before the Australian Open.

“I’m not going to sit here and start kicking Novak Djokovic while he’s down,” said Murray, a former world No. 1 who was ranked No. 1. I said that the other day. It’s not good for anyone. ”

People like Murray were not sure what would happen next after Djokovic’s visa was revoked for the second time. Djokovic’s lawyer went back to court on Friday night for a hearing about the visa.

That’s not what Murray said. He said he was looking forward to the situation being solved.

“I think that would be good for everyone,” he said. “It just seems like it’s been going on for a long time now, and that’s not good for tennis, the Australian Open, or Novak.” A lot of people have also said bad things about the government here. “It hasn’t been good.”

Murray said he would encourage people to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. He also said that people should be able to say no to the shot, like Djokovic has.

Even if you make the right choice, there can be consequences for it, Murray said.

A lot of people were watching Novak Djokovic’s play on Friday, even tho there hadn’t been a lot of people at the Open’s qualifying tournament this year.

He said: “I love my tennis, but I think this is true regardless of whether or not I play tennis.” Tom Rundle, who is 58 and from Adelaide, was wearing a broad-brimmed cap. I think this is a bigger deal. All of us have to follow the rules, and the government has been very strict about this for the last six months. We’re not doing the right thing by Novak, but we have to follow the rules, which isn’t very nice.

It’s been a long time since Petr Tretinik, a 37-year-old Melbourne resident from Slovakia, has seen Djokovic play. He came back to the Australian Open this year to see him again.

Tennis player Tretinik said: “This is his tournament and I think it’s a big loss for the Australian Open.” He was standing next to Rod Laver Arena, where Djokovic won his nine previous singles titles at the Australian Open. Everywhere you look, you see his face. You can even just walk around and take the trams.

But that’s what it is. If Novak plays in the tournament, it will be a big victory for antivaxxers. At some point, I think it’s going to be like being vaccinated against being unvaccinated again. You have to be careful.

Roger Rasheed, an Australian tennis coach who has worked with many top players, including former world No. 1 Lleyton Hewitt, said that he thinks tennis is a great sport.

Djokovic should accept that his visa has been revoked for the second time, rather than try to fight the government’s decision.

Rasheed said. You have to do what’s best for the greater good, the sport, and your peers. ” And then they say, “I’ll do this again next year.” The situation is bad, but it’s a very dangerous place.