Norma Kamali Pre-Fall 2022

Norma Kamali went all out for pre-fall, offering a festive, bridal-forward collection. The designer’s pre-fall collection began when she volunteered to make a princess-inspired gown for the daughter of a close friend, despite the fact that she had previously made one-of-a-kind bridal looks in the 1990s. After a few dress samples, Kamali (who is also engaged) wanted to extend the collection so that it could be offered to any bride-to-be.

The bridal party, guests attending the wedding, the “best friend who wants to steal the show,” and the mother-of-the-bride are all included in this collection, which is referred to as a bridal collection. “It’s quite diverse and not themed in any way,” she said of the largely black, white, and red array (all of which is machine washable, true to brand).

The look: True to the wedding category, Kamali exhibited a varied selection of modern dresses for any type of bride, coupled with signature daywear and occasion dressing in seasonal designs and fresh summer colours, as well as signature daywear and occasion dressing in seasonal prints and fresh summer hues.

“My point of view on it is that, first and foremost, there is no age. “There’s a royal princess and a Disney princess, both of whom are depicted at various ages,” Kamali remarked. There was even a “Jessica Rabbit” bride, with plenty of outfits for the bridal party and beyond (ranging from gorgeous slips to new renditions of Kamali’s distinctive draped, one-shoulder Diana gown).

Key pieces: An updated toile sleeping bag vest (to put over bridal options); plenty of bridal and wedding-adjacent attire, ranging from full-skirted princess — and royal-inspired dresses to more body-hugging frocks (a studded black gown or sheer mesh renditions, with optional matching leggings). Party and daywear are also available to buy now and clothes now (including denim, graphic printed layers, signature tracksuits, and easy suiting).

Kamali’s current collection capitalised on the success of her best-selling Diana dress while also including plenty of special event wear.


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