Nili Lotan Pre-Fall 2022

In regards to her designs, Nili Lotan declared clearly that she “designs things that I want.” Additionally, there is a conversation about how she would dress for a weekend in the country as compared to a work week in New York’s TriBeCa neighbourhood, which is taking place before the fall. She also introduces a men’s line, which includes styles that are complementary to her ladies’ collections — after all, he is her partner — and, given that Lotan has always drawn inspiration from men’s fashion in terms of design and shapes, the new collection makes sense as her next step in her professional life.

The aesthetics of Lotan’s work are informed by a subtle textured colour palette of taupe, olive green, and black, which is used to create his sculptures. Among the pieces in her seasonal collection are her hallmark designs as well as male pieces, upgraded outerwear, and nuances of utility. “It’s actually one of the first pieces you purchase for your fall wardrobe,” she added, adding that pre-fall purchases are often higher at most stores because the merchandise is available for purchase for a longer period of time. Because of this, she decided to concentrate on creating a collection with a strong fall vibe, which she dubbed “Fall Feeling.”

“Over the past two years, I’ve placed a great emphasis on how luxurious my apparel is, and luxury to me is uncomplicated…something that is created of gorgeous textiles and is straightforward.” Another noteworthy quote:

A few of the standout pieces include shearling jackets, lightweight Italian wool coats, leather pieces (including culottes), and modifications to her pant collection (including the carpenter and Luna pant, among others).

Takeaway: For more than 15 years, Lotan has been developing her own distinct take on urban dress. For this season’s collection, she has looked inward to her own aesthetic of utility, mannish silhouettes, and sumptuous textures to create a collection that is decidedly fall-inspired and comprised of understated, yet luxurious pieces.


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