Because of COVID-19 concerns, NHL players will not be attending the Olympics. According to sources, NHL players are not expected to participate in the Olympics in light of the COVID-19 situation. For some time now, the odds have been stacked against NHL players representing their countries in the 2022 Olympics.

At least for the time being, it looks like this is the case as well. In a report published on Tuesday, ESPN reported that the NHL and NHL Players Association had struck an agreement that NHL players would not compete in the Beijing Olympics. Several sources were mentioned in the article.

Players have begun to doubt their ability to compete in the Olympics as a result of the quarantine measures that would be implemented if a player tested positive for COVID-19 concerns during the Games. According to the proposed regulation, athletes would be separated from their families and teams throughout the three-to five-week quarantine period, which would occur during the most vital weeks of the NHL season.

A considerable spike in the number of COVID-19 concerns during the preceding week and a half has resulted in the suspension of all NHL games indefinitely. The situation has not improved as a result of this. A positive test during the Olympics — which will take place immediately after All-Star weekend in Las Vegas — may result in a scheduling conflict for the remainder of the season, which might cause some concern.

The ESPN store reports that the decision has not yet been made public, but that it is anticipated to be made official later on Tuesday or Wednesday, if not earlier. If NHL players are not selected to represent their countries in the Olympics, it is not immediately apparent which players will step in to fill the need. In 2018, athletes who were representing their country in international events dominated the rosters of professional sports teams.