Because NHL players are said to not be able to go to the Olympics on their own. Some people were sceptical about going to the Olympics, but others were willing to take a chance.

Patrice Bergeron, the captain of the Boston Bruins, said he was afraid over a week ago, when things started to change and NHL players might not be able to play. Many NHL players, like Connor Hellebuyck and Sidney Crosby, said things in the days before the official announcement that made it seem like they were unhappy with NHL players not going.

There is a good question to ask then: why can’t the NHL let the players decide on their own instead of making a decision for them?

SportsNet’s Elliotte Friedman said on Tuesday that the reason is simple, even though it could be a logistical nightmare.

Players asked Friedman if it was still possible to go to the Olympics on your own, and he said that it was still possible. if the players were in charge of the decision, that could have worked out well. Even though this was a call made by the NHL, that option is now closed.

For the first time since 2014, NHL players will be going to the Olympics. This decision was mostly made by the players. During the COVID-19 shutdown last year, the NFL and NBA agreed to let that happen. It was always possible that the decision could be changed. The rise in cases recently, which led to the current pause in the season, and the long quarantine for players who get the virus while at the Olympics made it impossible to keep the season moving forward as planned.

But it looks like the league and union are mostly in agreement about not going, so it doesn’t look like the NHL kicked in the doors and said, “No! We’re not going.” Because both sides agreed it wasn’t the right thing to do.