It would be impolite to not begin with something fantastic. The Futuro as it’s officially known is the main attraction at Marston Park. A new luxury camping experience in the southwest of England. Around 100 of these architectural marvels were created throughout Scandinavia during the 1960s encapsulating the era’s optimistic mood, when real change appeared attainable. A third has been lost to history, but artist Craig Barnes has recovered and restored this model. It is one of the few remaining specimens open to overnight guests and, more significantly, has almost limitless Instagram potential. It was recently installed earlier this year.

The immediate impression during our two-night stay earlier this month was one of freedom. The cabin appears to be tight in photos, as though prepared for a long intergalactic travel. There is enough room for four persons in actuality. The space is kept warm by underfloor heating, and there are two distinct sleeping rooms for seclusion. Outside guests have their own shower and toilet facilities, which adds a level of comfort rarely seen on a campsite. We spent the evening snapping pictures and watching the sunset over the surrounding countryside while listening to space-themed music on the stereo.

But, while the Futuro is the crown jewel of Marston Park, it is far from the only attraction. The setting, which is set around an idyllic lake, features three dozen bell tents, a restaurant, a bar, and a wild swimming pool. Each tent is equipped with a comfortable double bed, a plush rug, a wood-burning stove, and a fire pit, as well as luxurious touches like fluffy towels, bathrobes, and Bramley amenities. They can accommodate a family of four for the night, with two additional futons accessible if needed. On-site, there is plenty of green space to explore, and most of the porches face the sea, allowing for a really soothing experience.

The place is quiet during the day. Guests can pursue their artistic interests through a vibrant schedule of artistic courses and wellness programs. If you have some free time, take a life drawing lesson while sipping a bottle of good wine, or relax in the wood-fired hot tub. A gong bath meditation by the lake is also an option for soaking up beneficial vibrations. The lively and vibrant atmosphere is sure to captivate guests. Do you want to extend your stay? Marston Park has a lovely selection of luxury stay/work canvas studios, each with a workstation, guitar, easel, and art supplies.

“People come to Marston Park to be creative and discuss new ideas,” Fenna explains. Giving yourself room and time to relax and be inspired by a beautiful, natural environment, we feel, may lead to truly spectacular moments of serendipity and artistic collaboration.”

Marston Park comes alive in the evening. Fenna is also a DJ/producer, so once the sun goes down, music becomes the focal point of the event. The Terrace bar hosted DJs of a caliber rarely seen on a tiny campsite while we were there, wonderfully sets the tone for the celebration. We were joined by a rowdy, glittering hen party, a slew of young couples, and even a few toddlers, all of whom were rediscovering themselves after a tough year and a half away from the dancefloor.

Nearby, the Lakeside Bar is open until 23:00 every day, and extra-hungry visitors can quench their thirst on beer-and-nature pairing tours or at secret micro-cocktail pop-ups. From Latin, Greek, and northern Thai street cuisine to a wood-loaded pizza oven spinning rustic sourdough pizzas, food trucks serve a rotating menu with a melting pot of local flavors and globally influenced cooking.

Marston Park is not a cheap getaway — the few remaining nights in the Futuro, for example, are available for £400-£1,200 – but the prices are reasonable. Everything on the site appears to be solid, well-made, and long-lasting. The staff is pleasant and attentive to a flexible schedule, and the music played throughout our stay would not have been out of place at a festival.

Marston Park is a creative playground with adult food and drink. Marston Estate, near lovely, historic Frome, is set around a Victorian lake and encircled by ancient woodland. The property is also only 40 minutes from Bath and Glastonbury, two of Somerset’s most popular attractions, and two hours from London. The site’s goal is to bring like-minded people together in a beautiful and tranquil atmosphere to share ideas and have fun.