Lasagneria Italiana in London is investigated by Breaking Travel News.

Breaking Travel News investigates Lasagneria Italiana in London. Let me begin by mentioning that lasagne is my favourite cuisine, so any review of a restaurant called Lasagneria Italiana is bound to be biassed.

Fortunately, the new central London site, directly under the shadow of the Bank of England, delivers on almost everything it promises, so there is no conflict of interest. As the evenings draw in, customers will be able to enjoy some cosy, hand-crafted cheesy pasta layers in exquisite Italian flavours at the restaurant, which opens this month.

Lasagneria Italiana concentrates on the essentials — and does them well – with seasonal dishes prepared by award-winning chef Antonio Sanzone. The mushy, stodgy spaghetti door-stoppers baked by Brits in the 1990s are no longer available.

A variety of new and interesting lasagne varieties are available to please every palate; lighter and brighter, these delicious, mouth-watering dinners have been created and filled with seasonal Italian ingredients.

There are perfumed black truffles from Piedmont, crispy onion toppings in honour of Genoa, the necessary spicy N’duja from Calabria, and the creamy, blue-veined perfection that is Gorgonzola cheese from surrounding Milan.

A salmon and avocado lasagne and a huge brunch version laden with a fried egg and sausage are two modern takes on the classic meal that originated in Naples. Guests may choose a trio of lasagnes as their main course, enjoying a virtual voyage across the regional flavours of Italy in one meal.

The Tartufo Nero, with ragu of British beef mince, mushrooms, black truffle, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese, was the highlight for me, followed closely by the Calabrese, with Italian sausage, spicy N’duja, red onions, and béchamel sauce.

For a fairly reasonable price — main courses start about £10 – there is enough to satisfy even the most voracious appetite – indeed, you’d be lucky to eat it all.

Vegan versions, such as the Vegana, are also available. The recipe includes egg-free spaghetti layers with tomato sauce, roasted vegetables, and a vegan almond sauce, making it a lighter alternative whether you eat animal products or not.

Layers of wispy, crispy puffed pastry fused together with decadent Oreo cream and topped with an Oreo cookie comprise the Oreo ‘lasagne,’ while the Nutella ‘lasagne’ is a moreish stack of folded sweet crepes melded together with creamy Nutella and dusted with heaps of icing sugar.

This is not healthy and will most likely necessitate a trip to the gym to burn off those additional calories – but that can wait until January. Chef Sanzone has successfully enhanced lasagna, the ultimate comfort dish and the Italian counterpart to the British Sunday roast, with City employees in mind.


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