Kenya overview

Kenya has a lot of crime.

In: Armed robbery, carjacking, kidnapping, and muggings can happen in these places.

Nairobi and other big cities
northern Kenya has a lot of beach resorts. The northern Rift Valley coastal areas north of Mombasa have a lot of beach resorts.

Don’t resist

To be kidnapped or attacked if you go to remote areas, border areas, or coastal areas, you need to be careful.

Holidays are a time when crime goes up.

Small crime.

Open car windows are a target for thieves who steal jewellery and bags. They do this most often when cars are stopped at traffic lights or in a lot of traffic.

Groups of people on motorbikes are stealing people’s bags and taking their cars.

There have been robberies on trains and buses.

To keep yourself safe from theft:

Even when you’re at home, keep your car doors and windows closed, keep your valuables out of sight, and don’t walk after dark.

If you’re attacked, don’t fight back.

Violent crimes

These are some of the types of crimes that are violent:

Intrusions into homes and armed carjackings kidnappings

Private homes in Nairobi, tourist areas, and on the road have been attacked by people who are not Kenyan. At night, there have been a lot of accidents outside of people’s security gates.

Violent crimes happen a lot in Eastleigh and Kibera, two suburbs of Nairobi, Kenya.

If you live in Kenya, make sure you have strong personal safety measures. Keep an eye on your own security arrangements on a regular basis.

The spread of HIV/AIDS makes it important to see a doctor as soon as you can after a violent crime like rape.

Herder doesn’t get along with anyone.

Herder fights are common in central and northern Kenya. These fights are aimed at either private ranches or wildlife conservation parks, and they happen a lot.

Herders are often armed and can be violent toward property, wildlife, and landowners, sometimes even with their own guns and knives.

No one has tried to get people who go on trips. There was, however, the death of a British-Kenyan landowner in March of 2017. April 2017: A Swiss citizen was killed.

Outlying areas have a lot of crime.

Violence has sometimes been caused by fights between local groups in Kenya’s north and north-eastern parts. There have also been fights in the Mount Elgon region of western Kenya.

Ask the police for help if you’re going to Kenya’s north or north-eastern or western parts. In a convoy or with a police escort, go somewhere.

Many people live near the Kenya-Ethiopia border, as well as the Kenya-South Sudan border. There are many violent cattle rustlers and people who try to stop them.

A lot of people say there are bandit groups and robbers at illegal border crossing points on the borders of Uganda and Tanzania. There are a lot of robbery and bandit groups on the back roads from Nairobi to the Tanzania border, so be careful.

The area near Somalia is very dangerous.

The tour operator you work with should be able to give you up-to-date information about security and other things before you go.

Police cross fire

Police often have to deal with criminal suspects in public places. Random gunfire has killed or injured people in crowded places.

Fraud and scams

Scams happen all the time. Criminals often use fake police, hotel, and government ID to get money from people who are on vacation.

To be safe:

be wary of people who ask for money, even if they say they work for the police or government. Always ask for and carefully check identification.