Restrictions on travel

The Foreign Ministry and the Interior Ministry, with the approval of the Kazakh National Security Committee, don’t let people visit these parts of Kazakhstan unless they get permission from them first.

An urban village in the Almati region of Kazakhstan, Baykonur, and the districts of Karmakchi and Kazalinsk in the southern Kyzylorda region are called Gvardeyskiy, and they are all in Kazakhstan.
The border areas

Don’t try to get into or out of Kazakhstan without paying for a ticket.

Most land borders are closed to foreigners because of restrictions on the coronavirus.

If you plan to go to areas that are less than 25 km from Kazakhstan’s borders, bring ID. Some local authorities may want to see proof of your name.

Road travel between Almaty, Kazakhstan, and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, is subject to very strict border checks.

It can take a long time for cars to cross the land border between the Kyrgyz Republic and Kazakhstan, but it can be worth it. Customs checks can take a long time.

The border between Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan may be closed for a short time at times. Before you leave, check with the Kazakhstan Border Service to see if you need a visa (Russian).

A driver’s license is a piece of paper.


Someone who has a valid driver’s license and an International Driving Permit (IDP)

Before you leave Australia, make sure you have an IDP.

A road trip

If you get into an accident on the road, you’re four times more likely to die than in Australia. Among the risks are:

A bad road surface
I have a bad driving record
There aren’t any street lights, which means pedestrians have to cross the street without warning.
There is snow and ice on the roads in the winter.

Most of the time, cars don’t give way to pedestrians when they’re on the road.

In rural areas, animals on the road are another danger.

We can’t drive from Almaty to Bishkek because the road is bad. Drive with caution.

It may be hard to find service stations in rural areas. People sometimes run out of fuel.

If you’re going to drive:

Check to see if your travel insurance covers it.
Learn the local traffic laws and how to drive in the area.
Be careful of animals on the roads.
If people cross the street without warning, look out for them.
Keep away from travelling at night, especially if you live in a rural area.

There is more:


Make sure that your insurance policy covers you if you ride a motorcycle, quad bike, or other type of vehicle.

Always use a helmet.


If you need a taxi or limo, only use registered ones. If you can, get them through your hotel.

People use public transportation to get to and from work.

People should stay away from public transportation as much as possible.

There aren’t very many busses or minibusses that are safe or well-maintained in your city.

Traveling by train can be dangerous because of small crimes.

Taking a flight is a way to get

DFAT doesn’t give information about the safety of commercial airlines or flight paths.

Kazakhstan’s air safety record can be checked with the Aviation Safety Network.


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