Joe Biden condemns Trump as a threat to democracy.

Biden says that Trump is a threat to democracy. President Joe Biden gave a speech that lasted about 30 minutes. In it, he made a passionate case for protecting the country’s founding ideals from threats from Trump and the violent mob that stormed the Capitol last year. The speech was one of President Joe Biden most passionate in his short time in office. In it, he talked about important events in the country’s history and used last year’s insurrection as a living example of the change in American history that he talks about so much.

We had never before seen a president win an election and then lose it again. At the US Capitol, Biden said: “He tried to stop the peaceful transfer of power as an angry mob reached the Capitol.” But they didn’t. They didn’t work. As we remember on this day of remembrance, we must make sure that this kind of attack never, ever happens again.

Because Trump’s ego is more important to him than democracy or the Constitution, he can’t accept that he lost. This is a direct shot at Trump.

Since becoming President, Joe Biden hasn’t talked much about his predecessor, and on Thursday he made 16 references to “the former President.”

Trump’s post-presidential behavior was also brought up in the President’s speech. He accused him of spreading falsehoods about the 2020 election, refusing to accept defeat and causing a violent mob of his supporters to storm the Capitol.

An ex-president of the United States of America has made up and spread lies about the 2020 election. If you want to know why he did this, Biden said, “he values power over principle, and he puts himself first.”

Biden said this again: “We are in a fight for the soul of America.”

It’s possible that democracy and the “promise of America” could be at risk, President Obama said. He called on the American public to “stand for the rule of law, to keep the flame of democracy burning.”

Former President: “The only way for them to win is to stop you from voting and change the rules of our voting.” It’s not right. It’s not fair. Biden said: “And frankly, it’s not American.”

A day to remember

Because of the events of that day, Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives for the second time. This was the biggest FBI investigation in history. About 700 people were arrested, and hundreds more were still on the run, but there were still a lot of people out there. And a House committee is still looking into the events that led to the riots. When a House committee subpoenaed Mark Meadows and Steve Bannon, two Trump allies, they refused to cooperate with the committee. They were found guilty of criminal contempt.

Afterward, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is planning a series of events on Capitol Hill to remember the January 6 attack. These events include a minute’s silence on the House floor and stories from lawmakers who were there.

Before Joe Biden became President, there was an insurrection. This event cast a dark cloud over the new administration. Even tho a lot of court cases have been thrown out, state election audits have failed, and many conspiracy theories have been disproved, many Trump supporters still don’t believe that Biden is the right person to be president.

Joe Biden praised the police officers who fought back against the attack because they kept the country’s way of life alive.

This is where democracy was attacked a year ago. It was just attacked. There was a fight between the will of the people and the Constitution, which is our Constitution. They were outnumbered when they were attacked, but the brave police officers from the Capitol Police, the DC Metropolitan Police Department, the National Guard, and other brave officers kept the rule of law safe. All of us were able to vote in our democracy. We, the people, kept going. We, the people, won.

Before Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris said, “On January 6, we all saw what our country would look like if the forces who want to break up our democracy succeed.”

The young people I meet often ask me about the state of our democracy when I talk to them. When about January 6. What I tell them is that January 6 shows the two sides of democracy. Harris said: “Both its weaknesses and strength.” “You see, the power of democracy comes from the rule of law.”

While Trump was supposed to hold a news conference on the anniversary of the insurrection, it was quickly cancelled by the White House. Allies told him that it would cause a lot of problems for the Republicans and himself.

He won’t be giving a news conference on Thursday. Instead, he’ll be giving a campaign-style speech in Arizona next week.

Legislators and historians will mark the anniversary with a party.

At the end of December, Pelosi said that there would be a series of events at the Capitol to mark one year since the attack.

In her letter, Pelosi wrote that the events “are meant to be a time for reflection, remembering, and recommitment, in the spirit of unity, patriotism, and prayer.”

At noon, prayer and silence on the house floor will happen. In the next part, historians Doris Kearns Goodwin and Jon Meacham will have a moderated conversation with each other about their work. Letter: Pelosi said that the discussion will help to keep the “storey of January 6” alive.

After the meeting, lawmakers will be able to give “testimonials” to “share their thoughts about the day.” Jason Crow, a Democrat from Colorado, will be in charge of the testimonials. A picture of Crow kneeling down to help a friend who looked like they were in trouble during the attack is one of the most well-known.
Any kind of trauma has an effect on all of us, a former Army Ranger told CNN not long after the attack. “No one is safe from it, and everyone reacts to it in a different way.”

Later, there will be a prayer vigil on the steps of the Capitol. Members of both the House and Senate can come and join in.

Republicans, on the other hand, haven’t talked much about the insurrection and haven’t talked much about President Trump’s role in it. This is because Democrats have put together a full day of events to bring attention to what happened during the insurrection.

He mentioned the January 6 anniversary in a letter to House Republicans at the start of the new year, but didn’t say anything about the former President.

It was illegal and as wrong as wrong can be on that day, so it was very bad. He wrote that because the law was broken, those who broke it deserve to be punished and held accountable.

McCarthy then turned his attention to the Democrats.

One year later, the majority party is still unable to answer the main question about how the Capitol was left so unprepared and what must be done to make sure it doesn’t happen again. In fact, “they are using it as a political tool to divide our country even more,” he said.

GOP leaders won’t be in the Capitol on Thursday because the House isn’t in session and a lot of Republican senators are going to Georgia to attend a memorial service for the late Sen. Johnny Isakson, who died last month.

Jeremy Diamond and Nikki Carvajal of CNN also helped write this report.


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