Jennifer Lopez is not offended by Ben Affleck's remarks.

In response to Ben Affleck’s remarks about his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lopez has stated that she is not offended. According to People Magazine, the singer, actor, and entrepreneur is unconcerned with her boyfriend’s remarks about being “stuck” in his marriage to Jennifer Garner, in which he expressed his dissatisfaction.

“This storey is completely untrue,” Jennifer Lopez stated emphatically. “It’s not how I’m feeling right now.” “I couldn’t have greater regard for Ben as a father, as a co-parent, and as a human being,” she continued.

Garner and Affleck had been married for ten years when they decided to call it quits. In fact, Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were engaged before he married Garner, and the couple went on to have three children together.

Several people have criticised Affleck for comments he made in an interview with Howard Stern, in which he stated that he felt “stuck” in his marriage to Jennifer Garner, which led him to drink alcohol.

The actor attempted to clarify his remarks during an appearance with Jimmy Kimmel, claiming that his words had been distorted.

“[It] painted me as the worst, most insensitive, ignorant, and nasty man in the world.” “I would never want my children to believe that I would ever say anything negative about their mother,” she continues.


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