In Iraq, there are armed groups that oppose the government. This is what they have done: They have launched big, coordinated attacks against the government of Iraq and the people who live there.

People in many parts of Iraq have been killed and hurt by these groups, especially in the provinces of

  • Anbars
  • Diyalas
  • Baghdad
  • Ninewa
  • Salah ah-Din’s

People from armed groups have been fighting with Peshmerga forces in the region of Kurdistan, too, which is part of Iraq. Terrorist attacks happen all the time and without warning. Avoid places where there are a lot of people, like markets, transportation hubs, places of worship, and government buildings. Always have a way out when you go to them.

Attacks may happen at political events or target people who are in the public eye. This includes international meetings and conferences, as well as rallies for different causes.

Religious events, such as Ramadan, Ashura, and Arba’een, have also been targeted by the terrorists. Iraqi security forces, with help from international partners, have made recent gains against armed groups, including Islamic State (IS). However, there are still some attacks in Iraq.

Targets for terrorist attacks are people:

  • The security forces in Iraq
  • Government
  • Check points
  • Police stations
  • Recruiting centres.

Terrorists attact

Baghdad, International Airport, public transportation,

  1. Protesting
  2. Mosques and churches,
  3. Schools and universities
  4. Market, funerals, and religious events
  5. Foreign embassies and other civilian structures

In the Kurdistan region of Iraq, terrorists attacked government buildings in Erbil in 2018. Rockets and drones are often fired at the International Zone and Bagdad International Airport in the city of Baghdad. People in Iraq don’t always know when security forces are going to do something to protect the country.

Rockets, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), and drones are often fired at coalition forces in Iraq. Coalition forces use airstrikes to target militants.

Terrorism is a threat all over the world.