Hugh Jackman honours Kathy Voytko.

Hugh Jackman pays heartfelt gratitude to Kathy Voytko, who takes over for Sutton Foster in ‘Music Man’ following Sutton Foster’s diagnosis with Covid-19.

Following their performance this week in “The Music Man,” the actor and two-time Tony Award winner expressed his gratitude to Kathy Voytko, who plays Marian Paroo, Sutton Foster’s understudy in the show. It was just earlier that day that Jackman informed the audience that Voytko had only had her first rehearsal. A member in the audience recorded his remarks and shared them on his Instagram account.

“This is a period like none we’ve ever known before. Currently, we are in our fourth preview, and we are all still learning, so swings and understudies have not had the opportunity to learn “Jackman expressed himself. “They stand in the corner of the room and observe while we rehearse, giving us the opportunity to practise over and over again. They get to observe and take notes, and then five hours before the performance, they are informed that they have been cast and that they have a wig fitting, which they must attend.”

As Jackman talked, he invited other understudies to join him on stage to support him.

“I’m emotional because it brings me to my knees,” he explained. “Their bravery, their intellect, their passion, and their talent were inspiring. The swings, the understudies, they are the foundation of Broadway’s musical theatre.”

Foster admitted to having tested positive for Covid-19 on her Instagram Stories on Friday, which she shared with her followers. She applauded Voytko’s performance, stating that she “smashed” the stage.

“Thank you to all of the swings and understudies who keep all of the performances running, now and forever,” Foster said at the end of her letter. “And Hugh Jackman, you are a gentleman of the highest calibre. Tested, vaccinated, and boosted are all options. Everyone should remain safe and healthy.”

A preview performance of “The Music Man” is now taking place at the Winter Garden Theatre in New York City. Starting on February 10, the show will be formally opened to the public.

As a result of the Omicron coronavirus strain, several Broadway plays have had their performances temporarily halted.


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