It’s not every year that a Halloween costume goes above and beyond the seasonal celebrations to become a real-life glam inspiration. On the other hand, every once in a while, we are presented with a look that makes us hope that it would stay with us for more than just a single night. Megan Fox’s appearance at a dinner dressed like Pamela Anderson a year ago encouraged several people to model their regular attire after the actress. This year, we believe that Kendall Jenner’s costume may have the ability to accomplish the same thing.
The supermodel shared a carousel on Instagram on October 29 showcasing the outfit she wore to the Halloween party she hosted, which was attended by her close pals Hailey Bieber and Laura Harrier. The outfit was an immediate classic and was so versatile that it could have been worn to a red carpet event as easily as it could have been worn to a Halloween party.
Even though it was a wig, her hair was a perfect example of bleach blonde all the way from the roots to the ends. Her hair was cut into an extremely short bob, just like the one worn by the pop culture figure. Irinel de León did an outstanding job of styling each individual strand of her hair, which reached all the way down to the nape of her neck. Her tresses were curled in layers that were both tight and bouncy, and she wore them in a voluminous side part style. As some of the curls fell across her forehead, they created an attractive face-framing accent in the front of her hair.

In addition, Jenner’s makeup looked absolutely flawlessly vintage. The stark contrast created by her eyebrows, which were a dark brown color rather than a bright blonde like the rest of her hair, served to accentuate the three-dimensionality of her face. Her brows were significantly darker than the color of her hair. Her skin was flawlessly matte, and she had a heavy hand with blush on her cheeks and temples in addition to a gentle hand with the contouring. Mary Phillips, Jenner’s makeup artist, is the one who gave her that mole-like dot on the bottom of her left cheek to make her look more like Marilyn Monroe.
Regarding the eyes, they had the pin-up doll authenticity you’d expect. An eyeliner wing that was long and thin provided drama to her eyes while also giving the impression that her face was modelled after Marilyn Monroe’s. A shade of light bronzy-brown was applied on top of the liner, and it maintained the dramatic effect. After that, the finishing touch was added by her lips. Phillips outlined and filled them in with a gloomy dark pink that was a similar hue to the blush that was on her face. He made the color matte like her complexion.