All fitness experts, studio and club owners, and independent contractors now have an incredible new resource at their disposaland.

Josh Leve, founder and CEO of FBA, describes how FBA (Fitness Business Association) and its SUCCEED! The goal of the Virtual Conference is to “provide the fitness industry with the BEST education from award-winning presenters in an interactive medium that is affordable to everyone – year-round!

What inspired you to create the FBA and your SUCCEED! Virtual Conference?

When it came to the FBA, it was a whole re-branding. We used to call the FBA AFS, but we rapidly realised that our audience was much larger than fitness studios. We have everything entrepreneurial fitness professionals, gyms, studios, independent contractors, and others needed to stay current on the latest trends, ideas, secrets, and strategies being utilised in the fitness field today.
When COVID hit, we knew we had to move the SUCCEED! conference from in-person to online in a matter of weeks! It also had to give the most relevant/timely fitness education topics for the entire industry at a time when it was desperately needed. So, what exactly did we do?

How is the FBA and your current SUCCEED! conference relevant to ACE Pros?

Simple. We know what is going on in the industry right now that ACE Pros need to know because of our market penetration (thousands of members, over 70 strategic relationships).

Trends come and go, but having direct access to the industry’s smartest and most accomplished speakers never gets old. We provide a platform for our members and SUCCEED! participants to gain access to this instruction throughout the year!

But we take it a step farther.

The FBA focuses on a guided learning experience. Because everyone learns differently, we make our education available to all members in a practical and digestible format to meet the demands of the busy fitness professional.

Every month, our members spend a couple hours with fitness gurus to debate the most current topical subjects. Furthermore, FBA membership provides members with FREE access to SUCCEED! and a flood of new ideas.

You’ll never have to figure things out on your own again, with hundreds of speakers featured and on-hand to answer your questions in real-time!

We want all ACE Pros to feel welcome at SUCCEED! We’ve gone above and beyond to ensure that our education meets the needs of our attendees, including early-morning workouts and the flexibility to select the classes that are most relevant to you.

What will you be talking about at your SUCCEED! Virtual Conference and Expo on August 26-28? Is there any ACE CEC involved?

There’s a tonne, and yes, ACE is offering 1.8 CECs at SUCCEED! There’s something for everyone with over 50 seminars, a technology and innovation showcase, a 20+ booth virtual expo, and 4 sessions running every hour. We couldn’t be more excited about the reception, and having ACE on board to give three dynamic sessions on Friday, August 27 just adds to the excitement.

We’ll specifically talk to studio/gym owners about what it takes to flourish in this new world, including tactics for reopening, marketing, generating referrals, social media, and sales.

There are sessions for fitness professionals on topics such as Creating a Successful Group Fitness Digital and In-Person Strategy, Small Group Training Success, Attracting, Arthritis Exercise Integration: Assess, Implement, and Execute, and Increasing Retention Through Health Coaching, to name a few.

The fitness business has been irrevocably altered as a result of COVID. As the premier association for fitness businesses, it is our responsibility to foster a collaborative environment with like-minded fitness professionals that allows our guests to engage with industry experts to explore fresh ideas for growth. All while giving yourself the opportunity to reboot, refuel, and have fun!