False claims that you need a picture ID or proof of vaccination to buy milk or leave your house in DC. Their tweets, on the other hand, came after Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser herself used too many words to describe the policy in a tweet. Bowser’s tweet could have led the senators and other people astray, but the senators could have checked the facts before posting.

Starting on Saturday, people who are 18 and older will need three things before they go out: a mask, proof of vaccination, and a picture ID. A person who was 12 to 17 would need a mask and proof of vaccination, but not a picture ID. By clicking on her link to a government site, people could get more information.

Two Republican senators added more to Bowser’s tweet in their own tweets, too. However, even if they had clicked the link to get more information, they didn’t show it to us.

Blackburn said in a tweet on Wednesday that “liberal logic” says that you need a picture ID to buy milk but not vote.
On Tuesday, Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin tweeted that “Dems think it’s racist to require voter ID, but they’re fine with separating the unvaccinated and making anyone who leaves home have a photo ID, mask, and proof of vaccine.”

If you want to leave your house or buy milk, you don’t have to show your photo ID or proof that you have had the COVID-19 vaccine. The new policy doesn’t apply to people who are just going outside their homes. Grocery stores and other businesses that sell goods aren’t included.

People who are 18 or older have to show a picture ID and proof of vaccination when they go into certain indoor places, like restaurants, bars, food halls, food courts, nightclubs, breweries, entertainment venues, exercise facilities, and meeting facilities. There is a policy that says that people who enter even these places for short periods of time don’t need to show proof that they have been vaccinated. However, they still need to wear masks while inside.
Bowser tweeted a link to a list of places that are covered by the policy. Anyone who visits that page can see the list of places that are covered by it. On that page, there’s a link that’s very visible. When you click on it, you get a document with even more information, like the fact that grocery stores aren’t subject to the law. At a restaurant or food court, for example, someone who wanted to buy milk would have to show their ID before they could buy milk in the city. But Blackburn tweeted a much broader suggestion that people would have to show ID to buy milk in the city.
Starting at 6 a.m. on Saturday, people had to show that they had one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine before they could go to school. People who have two doses of an mRNA vaccine like Pfizer’s and Moderna’s or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will have to show that they have proof of that by February 15. People who don’t want to get a vaccine because they have a medical or religious reason must now show proof that they haven’t had a negative test in the last 24 hours and proof that they have the exemption.
Some big Democratic-run cities, like New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Boston, also ask people who go to restaurants, bars, and other places to show proof that they have been vaccinated before they can go to those places. If you want to leave your house or shop at a grocery store, you don’t need proof of vaccination.

Spokespeople for Johnson and Bowser didn’t answer questions about the story. Blackburn’s office didn’t say anything.