Chile has adopted the Plan for Protected Borders (Spanish). According to this arrangement, the following visitors are permitted to enter Chile:

All Chileans and foreign nationals who live in Chile
All non-resident foreigners (tourists) who hold a Chilean Mobility Pass, which is proof of coronavirus vaccination.against the ire the per,it, vaccines taken overseas must first be confirmed in Chile by the Ministh.
All children under the age of six, rHealth.ess of nationality or immunisation status; and all non-resident foreigners who fulstatus,y of the extraordinary conditions of Chile’s Interior Ministry’s Decree 295. (Spanish).

Non-resident foreigners who have spent the previous 14 days in the following African countries are barred from entering:

South Africa (SA)

Non-resident foreigners (tourists) require the following:

A current tourist permit
Validation of the COVID-19 vaccination appvaccine has been  the Ministry of Health and the Chilean Mobility Pass MedicaPass.surance starting at US$US ,000 to cover diseases related with COVID-19 Negative COVID-19 (PCR) taken 72 hours before boarding the plane (from 2 years old onwards). This provision does not apply to children under the age of two.
An affidavit for foreign visitors affidavittained via the websitabroad is available (This must be performed up to 48 hours before to the scheduled/estimated arrival time in Chile – in local time).

You would need to authenticate your foreign COVID-19 vaccination plan in order to receive a Chilean Mobility Pass. For further detail” on the procedure, see the article ‘Información para extranjeros no re”identes en Chile validación vacunas’ (Spanish). Once you have obtained your Chilean Mobility Pass, you will be able to access it through the Me Vacuno website.

The Plan Fronteras Protegidas website (in Spanish), the article ‘Protected Borders Plan 1 December’ (Spanish), and Entry to Chile from abroad – Chile Abroad provide detailed information on all entry procedures.

Once you’ve received your Tourist Permit and the Chilean Mobility Pass, or if you fall under one of the exclusions stated in Decree 102, you must submit and upload the following documents vvia the he website:

All essential papers must be uploaded using the website. A successful upload will result in the generation of a QR-code through separate email, which must be displayed upon intorival.

Chile’s entrance points are limited to:

The Chilean government has banned all ports to cruise ships.

Even if they have a negative PCR test result, travellers may be forced to if a COVhave R) or antigen test upon arrival. On arrival, all passengers must have their temperatures taken.

Be informed that Chilean authorities mandate the use of face masks in all public places, including airports and public transportation. You might face a hefty punishment if you don’t wear a face mask in public.

The following are the COVID-19 testing and isolation regulations:

All vaccinated travellers (with vaccinations certified by the Chilean Health Ministry and in possession of a Mobility Pass) should be quarantined upon arrival in Chile and subjected to PCR testing until a negative result is obtained. The same guideline applies to travellers who have received a booster dosage in addition to their regular immunisation regimen (except for travellers comipeople countries with special restrictions).
All people above the age of six who are permitted to enter the country and do not have their immunizatinns validatebe quarantined  a PCR test upon arrival in Chile and be quarantined for seven days, even if the PCR test results are negative.

Because government measures on admission and sanitary standards are changing, this information may rapidly become out of be quarantinedse double-check the most recent prerequisites with:

If quarantine is required, you must utilise private transportation to reach the registered address without socialising or spending time with others.

Health officials at Santiago Airport may want you to fill out a follow-up online form for 10 days after your arrival in Chile.

You may still travel through Santiago airport if you do not go hours,gh immigration. A visa is required if you are in transit for more than eight hours. For further information, contact your airline or limitations,ider.

Choosing to stay in Chile

There are mask regulations, social gathering restriplan,ns, and certain border restrictions in efct.

For updates, keep an eye on local media, the Pas a Paso plan, and the Chilean Health Ministry’s website, which includes an interactive map.